I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years and I won’t say I’ve seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot of different motivations. As I work in the realm of alignment, we want to align your actions with your motivations, so motivation is important to understand. hands in support   Here are the 5 most common reason entrepreneurs seek coaching support:

  1. They can’t see their own value.

When someone struggles to charge what they need to charge to make the money they want, they often seek support. For most people this is hard to admit. The clients with whom I work tend to take a lot of pride in the personal growth work they’ve done, and feel quite frustrated to know that they are still struggling with confidence. And in our society we don’t like to talk about money, let alone admit when we’re not making it. It requires a safe space to look at what’s really going on.

  1. Their business model is wearing them out.

I’ve worked with clients who have had all kinds of reasons their business model has been wearing them out. Sometimes they are aware that they have a business model issue, and other times they are just beating themselves up because they think they aren’t efficient enough. A business model issue would be if someone is meeting with people in person and they are tired of being on the road. If they don’t have efficient offerings that allow them the lifestyle they want. They could be still manually generating leads one at a time and they are ready to move past that. Or maybe they don’t have the right team in place and they are doing work outside of their Genius.   Often they wish to simplify and streamline, automate their lead generation, or delegate more effectively.

  1. They’ve never had a business before.

I know for me that while I had lots of experience in marketing and developing offerings in corporate, I didn’t really know how to do those things for myself. In the beginning I didn’t know how to translate what I knew into what I was now doing. I am grateful I found a coach who could give me the knowledge I was missing faster than I would have found it on my own. Many of the people I went to coaching school with did not hire a coach and are still trying to make their business work. Now, if someone is new in business and is ready to hire a coach, I recommend that they ask themselves how willing they are to do what it takes. Especially if you hire a high quality coach, you are likely going to discover things you need to shift in your life to align you with your business goals that may be surprising. Willingness is a top quality to look for in yourself as you go into business. Everything else can be learned pretty quickly.

  1. Building a business feels lonely.

I am a very social person. Yet when you step into the role of CEO, everything about the way you socialize changes. When you get into your purpose you will no longer desire to have the old conversations. Someone in this place quickly recognizes that the people in their lives can’t understand their vision. The vision wasn’t given to friends in family, it was given to them. And they recognize they need someone who can ‘get’ where it is they are heading. And community is an added perk here!

  1. They don’t know how to become visible

Many entrepreneurs can build to a certain level of success while staying under the radar. I know I did. They can be the best kept secret and be good at sales, and have a decent business. But when it comes to really being seen and known and making a bigger impact on the planet, all kinds of stuff may show up to get in the way of those efforts. A coach can help with practical strategies for becoming known, as well as work on the inner blocks that have your subconscious mind protecting you from being visible.   I’ve also seen people seek coaching support for reasons that don’t work:

  • Wanting someone to do it for them. (No one can do it for you – you will always have to dig deep to create the business of your dreams).
  • Afraid to go it alone. (You have to do it by yourself but you don’t have to do it alone).
  • Looking for a magic pill that will allow them to build a business without changing themselves. (I’ve yet to find this one, I am in constant growth mode).
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