Have you ever had the experience of being truly, fully supported, in exactly the way YOU need?

Last week I hosted my first 2-day event, the Sweet Spot Business Retreat, in Nashville, TN.  I’ve held several one day events, but two days, in a “retreat” location with participants living on site is another story.  I knew I’d need support to create the type of experience I envisioned for people.  Let me tell you, it is wonderful to be supported!

With my clients I always spend time having them determine what is their “Intuitive Genius” – the stuff they do naturally well with little effort, and the way in which they work that brings out their best.  When this is the central focus of their business, they will have the biggest impact with the least amount of effort.  I then encourage people to find ways to use the brilliance of others to support them in doing what they do best (sometimes known as delegation or outsourcing).

Well, my personal Intuitive Genius does not include things like organizing details OR remember where I put things!  Of course, I’ve developed some skill in this area to run a business, but in truth, the part of my brain that can do these things shuts down when I’m doing my best work.  At my best, I am 100% fully present to my intention for people, and I generally have no thought about where I’m going next.  In order to allow for that mode of operation in a 2-day event, I absolutely had to be supported in the flow and the details of what comes next.

Have you ever noticed it can be hard to be supported?

I celebrate this week as I look back on my ability to fully release the details into the hands of my two lovely supporters.  I celebrate them, big time.  I also celebrate who I had to be to allow this to unfold.  Take a look and see how you can incorporate being supported into your business (or life!).

How to be supported:

  • Hold and communicate a very clear vision for your intented outcome.
  • Be very specific about the intention you want each of your supporters to hold.
  • Paint a picture for the difference it will make if they show up to support you as intented.  Why it matters to you, and to others.
  • Share specific examples of what support does and doesn’t look like for you.
  • Ask for what you REALLY need, and release any concern of what they may think of you.  (I even asked for a reminder to use the bathroom on breaks).
  • Give specific responsibility, rather than general.
  • Ask people how they feel about their responsibility.  Don’t assume you’ve communicated clearly.  Ask for any concerns and get them out in the open.
  • Empower and trust.  Resist the urge to try to take anything back that you’ve asked for support with. It will all unfold perfectly, and mistakes will happen.  Relax and allow.
  • Be grateful and acknowledge.  In something like a 2-day event, there is no need to acknowledge every act, but in your way of being, be grateful for the support you’ve attracted into your life (even if you’ve paid for it!).
  • ENJOY.  Celebrate.  There was a snow storm in Nahsville and I had a major delay en route to Kinkos on the second morning of the event.  Rather than stress out, I chose to celebrate the fact that my awesome ‘staff’ had the room set up and was present and ready to get things moving.  I had nothing else to do but drive to Kinkos and show up.  Fully enjoying that idea made for a fabulous start to the day.

I find it so important to share this because I believe that my ability to be supported is one of the biggest victories in my life.  I often tell clients, “truth be told I don’t care if you have a thriving business.  I care that you are free, loving, connected, and fulfilled.”  Your business is an avenue to that, but the victory is within.  I changed lives by allowing myself to rely on two other amazing human beings for support.  I could not have done that five years ago.

I would have needed to do it all myself.  I would not have trusted.  I would have felt bad asking for help on small tasks.  I would have struggled to be present to the greatness of the gifts of my team.  I would not have had the courage to hold people accountable to what I needed.  I would have focused on what might people might do wrong rather than all they do right.  And I’d have been overwhelmed.  Does this sound like you?

Instead I felt completely grateful, relaxed, empowered, loving, free, and connected for the entire two days.  What a beautiful experience.

In what way can you allow for and attract to you the exact support you need in your business, or your life, this week?  What difference would it make for you and your clients, or your family, to allow 100% support in some area?   Please Share.

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