There’s a trend you probably sense and I want you to know you’re right.

I’ve got tell you I’ve always been one to sense trends. I don’t claim that a lot because I don’t view myself as a ‘trendy’ person. However even back in my corporate days, if I engaged with an audience for a short period of time (working on market research) I would have a sense of what their future needs and desires would be.

I was often seeing further ahead than most of my colleagues could see which could make it a fun challenge to present my findings. I remember receiving a message from a former colleague years after I left Procter & Gamble that said, “Remember that project you recommended? They are finally doing it!”

As an entrepreneur I am always on the lookout for trends that are happening within my client base so I know how to best serve them. Service has been a faithful source of guiding my own growth.

I also feel the trends happening on our planet. And while it may look on the surface like the trend is bad – violence and hate – these things are paving the way for another trend – connection.

The clients who were previously seeking information from you, or seeking simply to talk and be heard, today they are seeking something more. They are seeking a sense of connection. Being seen and heard and authentically connected in a small group of non-judgment is repeatedly life-changing. Being the type of leader who can deliver that will position you perfectly in this next stage of business.

This brings me to our 3rd Captivation Factor.

Captivation Factor IconCaptivation Factor #3: I understand how energy works to connect me with others, and I use it to create an intentional space for my people.

At the foundation of everything is energy. If you’re reading my work you likely know that. We are made up of cells that vibrate, and the rate at which we vibrate influences everything we see in the world. What we chose to see creates the way we view life. We continually reinforce our view of life by selective vision unless we put ourselves in a different energy.

The energy of your small retreat can be that different energy for your clients.

Our energy is dictated by the nature of our thoughts and our thoughts are given by our view of or opinions about life.

There are seven different levels of energy. This is the work of Bruce D. Schneider (Energy Leadership) and also David R. Hawkins (Power vs. Force).

Each energy level has its own distinct flavor, and gives way to a specific ‘reality.’ Your reality can change as you change your energy. For example, at the 2nd level of energy, everything occurs as if it is going to be a fight. We are defensive and fearful and constantly figuring out what we need to do to come out on top.

Level 6 energy, on the other hand, comes from a belief that we are all energetically connected. You and I are energetically connected based on you being here reading this message – it is not by accident. You are energetically connected with everyone else in my community by the truth that you have been drawn to my energy and message. And we collectively are connected to Spirit (Source, God, Universe) guiding it all.

When we view life from this perspective, no one is ever losing at any equation in life, we are all always winning and all is unfolding perfectly (even if a momentary snapshot may look like losing – e.g. a marketing campaign didn’t work, or someone is sick). All things that look like problems are also happening for our highest good.

This can be a challenge to embrace, yet if you can embrace it, it will allow you to hold an amazing space of connection for your clients, especially in your retreats.

Especially if you can hold yourself to operate in true alignment throughout your business and your life. Because with a Level 6 view of things, there is no part of your life that is separate from any other part, and alignment happens when you are walking your talk throughout your life.

When I work with my clients to understand the energy dynamics in their retreat rooms and in their own personal lives and business activities, I help them to experience all 7 levels of energy and understand how they are showing up in different areas of their life so that they become the type of leader who can create a true Level 6 experience in their business.

For today I’ll share my ___ top tips to harnessing the energy of connection in your retreat room so that you captivate your audience and create the outcome you intend.

  1. The people who say yes and show up to your retreat are the exact perfect group for the divine purpose that needs to unfold. If someone cancels, they weren’t ready for that transformation yet – embrace it. If someone appears to be a problem in the room, they are actually a gift. If you forget to pack your makeup, someone in the room needed permission to go through life without makeup. Oh, wait, off topic but also true, and yes this has happened.
  2. Your intuition is real. When you come from a level six energy, you are an amazing channel for Source to come through you. Trust it. Don’t be afraid to shake up the flow to honor what your intuition is saying. I once scrapped a whole segment of content in favor of a training which involved a flip chart that stated “Fuck June.” (Ask me about that in conversation some time). In my recent retreat though a client was telling me there was no his past clients could be his future clients I absolutely knew with certainty that wasn’t true. Trust it.
  3. Your intention has the power to create. When you set an intention for your retreat participants, in the form of the transformation you want them to experience, it will go immediately to work on you and them. Hearts and minds will be shifted by the invisible power of intention. Set an intention that runs deep in your heart that you can stand behind and watch it happen. Let go of your rational mind’s need to know how and trust your people to see what they need to see. (This can seem like “too much” power, but when you understand Level 6 you’ll know that no soul will attend that isn’t aligned with having that outcome. Period.)

So pause for a minute and ask yourself, how conscious are you of the energy dynamics that are happening in your business? When you lead a room or a conversation? In your life? The more steeped you are in this understanding, the more ease you’ll create in your retreat-based business. It truly is a delight!

Yet most of the world is disconnected, and therefore living in belief systems that create a whole different energy field. This is what will make your retreat so special. It is also why you need to invest in studying this work and knowing how you personally own your energy.



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