I recently purchased a brand new computer at the Apple store. The great thing about accidentally becoming a “Mac Person” is that Macs never go on sale. I know that’s strange to say, but stick with me here.

Whenever you want a new Mac, you can go buy one, and there’s never a need to shop around or look for the best deal. It costs what it costs. I’ll admit, this seemed annoying when we bought my mom an iPad for Christmas! I’m like you, raised to be “Deal Conscious.”

But Apple is an Aligned brand. They are who they are all the time. There’s no compromising it.

And that takes something in our “deal conscious” culture. We are inundated with deal-oriented messages. 1-day sale, clearance sale. As we speak, “March Madness Sale” flashes before my eyes.

What’s the deal madness costing us?

So, I was at the Apple store buying my new computer. I also knew I wanted a new wireless keyboard. I’ve been using a very old wired keyboard from my very first computer ever, and it was time to put that baby to pasture!

I asked the salesperson about wireless keyboards. She quietly told me I could get one cheaper on Amazon. So, like a good deal-seeking American, I say, “OK.”

When I got home I immediately began searching Amazon for my new keyboard. Of course I ended up reading user reviews and trying to figure out the “best” option. I’d bought into the idea of the deal, after all, so I was going to see it through! As I did this and got increasingly frustrated with spending my precious time reading about someone else’s dead keyboard, I caught myself. “What the heck are you doing, Darla?”

I’m committed to wealth consciousness in my life. I’m committed to a life in which I make decisions based on what I want, not based on what it costs. Yet, how easily my thoughts were swayed to thoughts of the deal! And suddenly I just spent more time searching the Internet (something I do not need more of) than I saved on the keyboard.

COST OF THIS DEAL: Time, Energy, Frustration, Second-Guessing, and 2-days of Shipping! Not to mention the hidden costs of the time spent in the energy of scarcity!

More Deal Consciousness in Action

Shortly after my keyboard experience, I was at morning bootcamp. The bootcamp instructors sell a particular line of protein powder. I’ve never heard them promote it, but I sometimes see people picking it up.

On this morning I observed a woman crossing the gym over to someone who had purchased some protein powder that day, and I heard her pull that woman aside and let her know that she could get that EXACT SAME protein powder at GNC for $10 cheaper!

It’s as if we are culturally compelled to suppress profit!

There was so much that was out of alignment in this scenario.

A) The purchasing woman didn’t ask for advice.

B) The advice woman is perpetuating a belief in scarcity.

C) The assumption that the value of the purchasing woman’s time in driving to GNC is worth less than $10. (As if money is more valuable than her life!)

D) Taking money from the pocket of the entrepreneur who has chosen to conveniently deliver the product where and when it is needed.

COST OF THIS DEAL: Time (for both women), Money (for the entrepreneur), Gas to drive to GNC, and an overall waste of energy in the exchange.

Deal sharing is like currency

Ever been complimented on your outfit and said, “OMG, I got this for like $20 at TJMaxx?”

Sharing deals is a currency – just like the examples in the story above. Sure we get to feel smart and savvy for getting a deal. We’ve beat the system. But somewhere down the line, it costs us.

Imagine a world in which people had conversations like, “Check out my new X, I got it at the location closest to me at the exact time I needed it, from a happy, well-paid staff person! Yay!”

Imagine a world in which we knew that money is simply energy – it flows out and flows in to give us right what we need when we need it.

Do think that world would make it easier for people to make decisions to purchase from you? You betcha! (Yes, I’m Minnesotan.)

It starts with you. What can you pay full price for today?

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