I’ve talked to three types of people in the last week. 

  1. darlapowerPeople who are so courageous that they are willing to see and admit their Truth, and move through it, making the changes they need to make to have a happy, peaceful, inspiring, thriving business.
  2. People who have no awareness of their Truth – they can’t and don’t want to see what’s blocking them and continue to look for a magic pill so that they don’t have to change anything. They are frustrated and blame circumstances (some times in the form of people) for their results.
  3. People who have gotten an insight about what has been blocking them, and they know what they need to change to make their business work, but they are not willing. The unknown of what will happen when they act is more than they are willing to explore.

It’s the third type that can break a person’s heart.

I was there for many years, with many intuitive signals about what I was meant to be doing with my life, but I didn’t know how to interpret them or how to act on them. So I would dream up a business, and instead of acting on it, I’d find another job.

I had some very clear hints about what was calling to my heart, but I was afraid, and I had no clear model for how to put them into action, so I did what felt safe and ‘normal.’

And the more I made decisions that kept me safe, the more my heart broke inside. I made decisions that distracted me, like planning a wedding, getting married, and focusing on building my spouse’s business (which was branded beautifully, by the way).

Then luckily death and divorce hit me in one fell swoop. I say luckily because while I miss my stepfather all the time, his death got my attention. And while everything that felt solid was changing for me, I saw my opportunity to start making decisions on my own, just for me, for the first time.

And I started way back then to become the type of person who could lead this business.

See, we are bombarded by messages about how business can be easy, and how we can make a ‘quantum leap’ and make tons of money while we sleep.

Now all of these things are true. I’ve experienced greater ease than I imagined. The work I actually do is easy. But being the type of person who can lead a business is not. I’ve created quantum leaps in revenue – I doubled every year for the first 4 years. And I’ve gotten orders in my inbox overnight.

But a quantum leap doesn’t happen just because we decide. It happens because we decide, and then become the type of person who…

  1. Has complete faith that the quantum leap is a done deal and begins to act as if. That means if you want to have a 6 or 7 figure business, you invest as that type of business NOW. From the beginning. This takes courage.
  2. Is willing to be the type of person who can operate at that new level. When your business goes in the direction you truly desire, you will come face to face with all kinds of ways in which you were not yet prepared for that outcome. If you are resistant to, or afraid to change, you will shy away from the desire for this very reason. Your subconscious knows what’s coming, and it’s terrified.

Courage and the Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind will give you every reason not to do the thing that you desire. It has spent a lifetime keeping you safe from risk, in it’s own, highly customized way. It will seem like a good idea to:

  • Wait until the kids are older
  • Stay with the spouse who is completely unsupportive
  • Plan a wedding
  • Take the kids to Disneyland
  • Take this good-enough job
  • Keep working with the business partner you don’t agree with because it’s safer than going out on your own
  • Try to save the money to pay down the debt first (making an income you can hardly live on)

And the reasons will REALLY make sense. And it takes nothing but courage to make the decision to move your business forward.  But once you give yourself an experience on the other side of the fear, that belief no longer has power over you.

That is what makes an Aligned Entrepreneur so special.

Their faith in their own reason for being on the planet is stronger than the fear of the unknown. It is the source of their courage, and I stand in admiration. Are you willing to be this type of person?

This week alone I’ve seen this type of person:

  • Enjoy the fun and ease that has come on the other side of making a courageous decision to close her business that was out of alignment. In two weeks she’s attracted every opportunity she could imagine supporting her new direction!
  • Navigate the storms around her with grace and ease and a new awareness of her role. When people in her life got sick, experienced tragedy, and brought both real and imagined drama her way, she was able to be a safe and gracious space for them without taking on their pain. Giving generously while staying focused on her business.
  • Experience loss of life, both giving herself the space to experience the full range of her emotions without shutting them down, and also allowing her higher self to see the gifts in the loss at the same time. It will fuel her business in a whole new way, and she’s not putting any pressure on herself about that.
  • Take bold action in her marketing, get a result, and look honestly at what worked and what didn’t, quickly adjusting the plan without taking anything personally. The adjustment required her to give up a pattern that worked for her in her former life, but wasn’t fulfilling her now.
  • Travel to be where the ideal audience is, even though traveling isn’t the most natural thing for her, and the investment involved was scary. She allowed it to be a fun adventure that grows both her and her audience! (And had her highest grossing month ever!)
  • Communicate boldly and authentically to a skeptical spouse, with a firm commitment to finding place where they could each hear and honor each other’s perspective, and finding the space from which they could each have what they really want.

So here’s what I’ve found. It is not easy to be this type of person. But when you learn to think about yourself, the mission you’re called to in your business, and the people around you from a higher consciousness energy of Truth, it actually becomes very simple. The stuff that stops the average person no longer stops you. And you know deep down you’re not meant to be average. You’re an Aligned Entrepreneur at heart. That’s what brought you here to these words.

Do you have the courage to be the type of person who can lead the business you’re meant to lead?

If you’re not sure and you’d like the committed space to find out, OR if you are sure and you know you’re called to step into the higher level of your business you couldn’t even imagine at the beginning (like me with my amazing team), I invite you to join me at Align It Live. It’s a special week to register this week. Here is the link: http://alignitlive.com

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