Ever been to an event in which the host made an offer for a program? Maybe one you really wanted to purchase that was really a stretch?

What happened?

Did you go for it? Did you actually have the money, or did you have to do something special to come up with the cash?

I absolutely LOVE this post-event scramble.

Masses of people begin taking extraordinary action to bring in the money. They do the things they’ve been thinking about doing and resisting, like raising their rates, connecting with prospects and partners, creating new offerings that make clients step up and take their work more seriously.

It’s as if I can feel the energy on the planet shifting, consciousness raising, as these individuals move past their own fear into the love of the game of growth. It is beautiful.

So here’s the question.

When you attend an event, in person or by phone, in which the host presents you with an opportunity to invest in your business, how do you react? What’s your interpretation of things?
1) The Angry Victim
Do you get upset that the host would dare offer you something? Do you complain about begin pitched to? Does it offend you or push your buttons?If so, there is an impact:

  • You are probably missing a great opportunity. If it makes you angry, it’s probably something you really need but part of you is afraid to step into it.
  • You miss the opportunity to learn that is available for you when you listen closely to a “pitch.” When done well, the pitch itself should teach you a lot about what you need, whether or not you take advantage of it, but you can’t get that if you’re angry.
  • If you are upset at someone else offering you something, you are going to assume other people would be upset by it too, so you will stop yourself from making offers, which clearly hurts your sales.
2) The Lobster
Are you the one who listens to the offer, rules it out, then circulates the event asking others if they signed up and getting as many as possible to question their decision and say “no” and stay stuck.I call this the lobster because in a pot of boiling lobsters, each will claw the others down and keep them in the pot until they die a collective slow death.The impact:

  • You not only keep yourself small, you actively surround yourself with others who are willing to stay small and stuck. Your subconscious programs collaborate to ensure no change happens.
3) The Scaler
Perhaps you are the one who throws your hat over the wall and then does whatever it takes to make it happen. The obstacle is nothing more than a call for you to be bigger, bolder, and more courageous. You celebrate the pitch, whether it’s for you or not, because you know that any time someone offers their genius it creates more life on the planet. You encourage others who are grappling with the decision to say yes.The impact:

  • Regardless of the program, people are changed by saying yes. Even the program I did that had no financial pay out has paid for itself time and again because of who I got to become as I said yes to me.
  • When you embrace and love and support other people’s sales, you are going to be much more likely to make your own sales. You are operating in abundance and you will tend to attract others who like to invest in their growth as well.
  • You are in favor of more life on the planet, moving past fear and scarcity and into abundant thinking. Your decision to invest signals to the Universe that you are ready and committed.
  • You really get stuff done! I have seen time and again for myself and others – when we see an opportunity that calls to us so much that we are willing to do whatever it takes, suddenly all those old stories… I don’t have enough time… what will people think? Maybe I’m not enough… go out the window when the desire becomes greater than the fear of change.

Heroes are made in the “find the money phenomenon” – are you one of them?


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