I’m gearing up for my retreat next week in which Liz Gilbert is one of our workshop leaders! In fact, my content for the retreat is minimal (thankfully since we are also MOVING next week!)

While I know my retreats are magical (and it took me some time to OWN that), I also noticed awhile back that the people I attract into my tribe are magical in their own right.

What do I mean by magical?

* Safe space holders extraordinaire
* “Get it” in terms of energy and transformation
* Committed to walking their talk and bringing forward their own alignment
* Excellent room leaders, storytellers, and facilitators
* Truly SEE people
* Willing to “go there” and say what needs to be said (with extraordinary love)

This may sound extreme, but I mean it, ANYTHING can be healed in this kind of space. Any stuck point, stickiness, or recurring pattern can be broken through. And our world needs WAY more of this magic!

That’s why I am delighted to share the following upcoming retreats with you. I know they are top notch because I know my clients and who they are for you. LINK

If you’ve experienced:

* An area of your life is feeling particularly challenging
* A lack of flow and ease
* Less abundance than you know is meant for you
* Not having the desire to do things you know you want to do
* Feeling nervous about stepping into the bigger version of you
* Allowing others to make decisions for you/ a loss of power
* Struggling to schedule in the things that are most important to you
* Pain or dis-ease in your physical self.
* Knowing that there are parts of your past that you haven’t healed or integrated

You will find a solution here.

There is NOTHING LIKE getting on a plane and into a new environment to declare to the Universe that you are committed to change. And these fabulous retreat leaders will be such a loving and powerful space for you to take command in your life and create ease and flow!

Whether you’re looking for a retreat or not, check THIS LINK out, because these are women to watch! (Scroll through to see them all!)


P.S. I am personally tuning in to see which retreat is next for me (after my own next week!). It is a way of life for me that keeps me sane and empowered to regularly retreat and tune in. These are the hottest retreats around. Which will YOU choose? LINK

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