Have you ever had a question in your mind… a doubt really… about whether you really NEED the things you want, or if you are asking too much out of life?Universal Law

This is a question I addressed in a recent training for a group of clients, and it is particularly timely for me. Last week I shared with you that I have made the leap to move our family to a waterfront property. I am in love with this space and filled with gratitude. I learn something new about nature every day living so close to her.

And I’d be lying if I told you that questions of my worthiness, and thoughts about whether I’ve asked for too much haven’t entered my mind. How could I possibly get to spend my days here?

This is why it’s GREAT news that I actually teach the principles that I believe, and that I won’t teach anything I am not actively practicing! I have a built in integrity check for living the life of my dreams.

When you are a student of Universal Law as I am, you can take your decision making, and ideally your entire thought process, out of the realm of what you’ve experienced in the past, and what you believe you deserve, and into a place of faith in the laws of the Universe. Above any fear-based thought that may enter your mind, operate in alignment with the Law.

The Law of More Life

The first law I addressed in a recent training is taught in different ways in different places. (Have you ever noticed that many of the laws overlap?) I learned it as the Law of More Life from my first mentor and I love the language of it. More Life to all, and less to none. I find similar principles in the Law of Supply, Success and the Law of Increase (Raymond Holliwell).

The basic principle is that all living things are in a constant state of expansion, and we are actually designed to expand. It is in our nature to seek more life. We are NORMAL if we seek more. More growth, more understanding, more experience, and, yes, more money. (Where you are coming from in this seeking makes all the difference).

Nature Loves Life

What I love about Universal Law is that these laws of Spirit are always demonstrated in nature. This has always landed for me, that idea that if we can see nature operating in a certain way, we are likely moving in the right direction by following that.

Nature loves to create more life. We never see a plant decide to stop growing. It may die from lack of the right environment, but it never simply chooses to stay the same. And it definitely never stops growing so as not to intimidate the plant next to it! The other plants don’t judge it for wanting to grow, it simply follows its nature.

It is your nature to want more as well. This can be a very freeing thought, especially if you are someone who keeps expanding your ideas of what’s possible. It can also be a thought that scares you.

When Is Enough, Enough?

The understanding that you are designed to seek more life may be scary for several reasons, most prominently that you doubt your ability to have the things you actually want. We are accustomed to wanting things we have no real belief we can have. I talked about this in last week’s blog post on desire. So if you are actually meant to have those things, who do you have to BE to fulfill on those desires? Likely a bigger version of yourself. Most people aren’t willing to do what needs to be done to be that person. So we tell ourselves that we are being unreasonable and we should just settle for a status quo life like everyone else.

Shamed for Wanting More

Underneath our fear of more at a deeper level is the subconscious mind’s knowing that in the past we wanted more – of course we did because as kids we had no filter for believing this was wrong – and we were shamed for it. We all heard that there were kids starving in Africa and of course that meant that we should suppress our own desire for more.

I always love when clients get into my circle, or when I meet people in the circles I play in, and there is such joy over knowing you’ve found ‘your people,’ the ones you can tell the Truth to about your desire for growth.

Because even as adults you will get the questions others ask ‘for your own good’ to help ensure you’re following the rules of linear growth. You’ll get the sideways stares about all the travel you are doing or the fact that you are setting a new big goal for your business and you’ve just started to hit your current one. The doubters and the status quo protectors will always exist. But remember, you are the one in harmony with nature! It’s actually against nature to stunt one’s own growth to stay safe.

Gratitude and Praise

One of the common anti-growth storylines goes like this: “You should be grateful for what you have.”

Now, I have no issue with this statement (though I do tend to avoid the word should). I do have an issue with the way it is generally thrown around, in opposition to the desire for more. The statement is generally used to say, “stop wanting what you want and settle for what you have,” or to imply that one cannot simultaneously be grateful and desire more.

In fact the art of actually being someone in continual growth is to master the art of being in praise for what you have currently, while still holding space for what is next – financially, spiritually, in your self-expression, understanding, intimacy, etc. Gratitude and praise are powerful tools for expansion, and also just plain awesome to feel. Praise in advance is especially powerful and requires great faith and a dose of surrender.

More for ALL

When we pursue more life, we don’t take away life from others. Fundamental to the law is that you don’t take away anyone else’s right to choose their own life. But when you really stop to think about it you will see that when you create more life for yourself, you don’t actually take opportunity from others, and in fact you are more likely to inspire them to grow as well! And, because I know that your heart and value system are in a great place, I also know that when you grow you use your growth to lift others, either by spending money with other small businesses, creating opportunity to share what you’ve learned, and then some.  And that means your growth has a ripple effect that is beyond measure!

So shed the shame, tell the little voice of doubt to take a hike, and embrace more life for you, and let those around you catch the spark!

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