Have you ever dreamed of owning a fabulous property, surrounded by all of your favorite nature features, maybe with animals like horses for healing therapy, or any animal you can imagine rescuing? You enjoy leisurely mornings on the wrap-around porch before hiking with your favorite animal then returning for a few focused hours of work at your computer before spaciously and luxuriously tending to things around your physical space in a way that makes you feel nurtured and creative.

You have a small host of cabins on your land and you facilitate your retreats right there on site, and also open your space for others to bring their groups. You are thrilled because they immediately feel the sense of spacious calm you’ve created there, and you know you’ve provided an oasis of healing and transformation for their group. You’ve thought of everything from pre-planned excursions to a system for checking their cell phones at the door.

There’s a beautiful yoga shala that doubles as a meeting room, with loads of large windows facing your favorite feature on the land. There are stylish offices in a loft space and you and your partner soak up all the good yogic energy as you work. It hardly feels like work because you get to work here!

Everything is green-built and a luxe rustic chic. You have a small working farm on site which is run by a local who grew up in this area and loves the land as much as you do. You serve only organic farm-raised food to your family and your guests. (Extra bonus if you can get a highly respected chef to choose to work with you on your vision!)

Whether you have kids or not, you imagine how lucky a child would be to grow up in this amazing place, where they can run free and experience nature, commerce, and humanity all coming together to remember what life is truly about.

It feels so perfect! And you know that if you can dream it, you can create it.

There’s just one dilemma.

You also love the city!

You love a life with easy access to culture, diverse experiences, and an airport. You long for a community of highly conscious friends who you connect with IRL rather than from behind a computer screen on a zoom call. You can’t imagine being able to find these people out in the middle of nowhere on your ranch! What if you go stir crazy and miss the energy of people!? What if you end up surrounded by people who are racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise unconscious!? Sigh.

And besides, you’ve scoured the U.S. in your travels looking for the perfect spot this dream… somewhere where you could host year-round without fear of snowstorms making travel a challenge. The place that has the best of all worlds – mountains, water, sunshine, abundant nature hikes, a down-to-earth yet progressive and refined culture, within an hour drive to an international airport, and without any mold allergens. You can get close, but you haven’t yet found that perfection. Perhaps it’s time to leave the country.

And let’s not forget how much you love to travel! Part of the allure of hosting retreats for your clients is being able to create transformational experiences that are unique to the locations you visit. Would you get bored being in one place all the time? Sure, you could still travel. But who would you trust with all of those animals you’re responsible for!? Maybe it’s best to get a small condo in a couple of places you love and call it a day.

But what about the dream?

Does this sound familiar? Really, I’d like to know.

This has been an all too familiar conversation in our household over the years. I’d love to tell you I have the solution to this Lifestyle Dilemma. If I did I’m imagining I could create a big

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button and watch the orders roll in.

I’m not here to give you an answer, but I am here to share my commitment.

In talking to countless entrepreneurs over the years who I know share a similar dream, I am guessing there’s a chance you’d like this life too – a fabulous retreat center for hosting and creating community and transformation, one that you don’t have to actually RUN yourself (not your genius) that you can creative direct over and hold the integrity of with a fabulous staff to actually make things happen. One that you can leave when you want to travel the world without an ounce of guilt or concern over being gone. Where you can easily host retreats in other places without sacrificing. It’s got easy access to a community of like-minded people who ‘get it’ and also access to culture and art and other things that connect you to humanity as much as you are connecting to nature. It may not have PERFECT weather, but the weather will entice people to travel year round, and you can swim AND hike and enjoy captivating views all at the same time.

I hold a commitment to solving this dilemma for myself and others. I’ve created so many lifestyle miracles already. What else is possible?

The longer I’ve been in business the more I believe that the way to impact the bigger picture of society is by people like us joining forces and co-creating this world that so many of us dream about. It HAS to be possible. (I have some ideas but they are still only half-baked <3)

If this is your dream too, let us know! (support (at) alignedentrepreneurs.com) Mwah!

Committed to exploring the spacious and gracious lifestyle you truly want to live?

That’s exactly what we’ll be doing (myself and my wife included!) in Cinque Terre in Italy this fall. In this area, the five lands, where the bulk of the villages are not accessible by car, we’ll be unplugging and tuning in, enjoying our senses, and embodying a way of being of ease and grace that we can use to make decisions in a whole new way. Every time I lead a retreat I grow and get access to new insights about what’s possible. I’m declaring this dream will become one step closer to reality this fall for me. Let’s move whatever is in the way of your dream too. This is the magic I offer the world. I’d love to share it with you.

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