If you’ve been living in the world of transformation, or building business online, for a while, you’ve likely Quantum Leapheard of the concept of the ‘quantum leap.’ A quantum leap is defined as a huge, often sudden, increase or change in something.

For many entrepreneurs we are looking for the quantum leap. In fact, that may actually be the fun of the whole game. How can I get the magical result without having to do the level of work that ‘normal’ people do?

Be honest, you LOVE this idea, right?

I get it. So do I! The question is, is it really possible?

My answer is YES. And NO. It’s complicated.

OK, as I’m much more in favor of keeping things simple, lets just say it CAN BE complicated.

I’ve personally experienced a quantum leap in my results more than once, and it is phenomenal. I’ve doubled my business seemingly overnight for starters. It happens when you put all of your focus and attention on creating a specific result, and have all of your energy aligned with that result. See, it makes no difference to the Universe how “high” we aim with our goals and intentions – ANYTHING is possible and the Universe does not follow a linear trajectory.

It is completely possible to make a quantum leap and receive what you desire, any time and anywhere.

So why do so few people experience this type of outcome? And why do so many people who KNOW it’s possible fail to experience it on a regular basis?

The Myth of the Quantum Leap

So the quantum leap is always available. The issue is that we aren’t really ready to leap. If you could see who you are capable of becoming, you wouldn’t even believe it. It is our lack of belief, and our lack of awareness of what’s available, that gets in the way of creating anything we think about.

So here’s the myth. The idea behind the quantum leap that we hear so much about is one in which we jump to a new level without any additional work.

You absolutely CAN jump to a new level without any additional work. But most of us need a fair amount if INNER work to get to the level of thinking needed to create a quantum leap in reality. Often this looks like setting a big goal, and then moving through the process of recognizing, or becoming AWARE of, all of the things going on within our mindset, belief system and environment that are not in harmony (or alignment) with the goal.

To make the quantum leap, and see the actual result in our pocketbook, requires us to let go of that which is not in harmony with our goal. We must remove our own internal resistance to the thing we say we want.

This can take as long as you don’t want it to take, or be as fast as you allow. The speed with which you leap has everything to do with your willingness to surrender, to trust, and to step up to BE the person you need to be to live in alignment with the result you desire.

Most people would rather maintain the illusion of control, i.e. knowing how things are going to go because you’ve done them before, than to surrender to the leap. This is why so many people know intellectually that the leap is available yet so rarely experience it in reality.

And I’m speaking my own Truth here. I’ve experienced many leaps. I’ve also experienced many periods of resistance, times in which I was unwilling to surrender to the next calling of my soul.

Never Compare Your Leap

When you hear someone talking about their quantum leap, resist the urge to compare your leap to theirs. Allow them to inspire you… to remind you of what is possible when you are willing to let go of control… but never compare. You have no idea what they had to conquer internally to get that result. What appears to be an overnight leap was likely years of study, self growth and investment in the making.

If your leap feels slow in coming, focus less on what you need to DO to create a better result – a quantum leap never comes from more work in the form of doing. Instead look at who you need to BE to align with the vision you hold. That is usually the hardest work of all, because it involves stepping into the unknown of who you are becoming.

The good news is that step truly can happen in an instant. You can see it, be it, and act in alignment with that being, and have the result all in short order.

Be Gracious and Graceful

It can be easy to move quickly into beating yourself up when the leap doesn’t go as you planned. Yet the energy of self-deprecation never creates a quantum leap. If you’ve got more layers to work through than the other guy, so be it. Be gracious with yourself and embrace the growth with as much grace as you can muster.

What About Money Fear?

Fear is not faith. The leap happens in a space of faith. At this stage in my business I count on quantum leaps. I count on the Universe to meet me where I am as I grow. I don’t always grow my mindset as fast as I would like. I am still a recovering control freak. And yet for every leap of faith I have made, the money has followed. It has never not happened. Allowing in fear slows down the whole process. People want to buy what you have to offer because they are inspired by who you are being and they want more of that in their life. Fear doesn’t inspire.

How would you live if you knew you would always get exactly what you need when you need it? How would you show up each day if you trusted that your quantum leap would show up right on time, and your job is simply to keep releasing that which no longer suits where you are going and to take action within the new space that’s created?

It’s a different kind of work than the work of ‘working hard.’ It’s the work of stepping into a new kind of possibility for yourself. It’s an inside job, and it’s yours. You can trust your desire. Honor it…align with it and watch what comes.

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