amplify-circlesIn my private Amplify client retreat this past week, we worked on a 120 day plan for success.

I’ve learned that you MUST focus on the FEW bold moves that will propel your business forward, the kind of moves that help you become known out of nowhere, help you quadruple your rates, or help you be visible in a way that’s really unique to you.

This focus requires you to commit, to aim for the fences, with no back up plan.

A lot of times when people make a decision to hire a coach they feel like that is their big ass committed decision. Because it is an investment, and because now they signed up to be seen.

But it doesn’t stop there.

That is just the first of many big decisions to help you flex your muscle. It’s an important one, because it allows you support in evaluating all the subsequent opportunities. But I encourage you to think of this as the beginning, rather than the end.

On top of the baseline support for strategy and knowing who you are and what you’re about, you will need to make big committed decisions in many other ways. My clients who get this are the ones that really succeed. People who think coaching alone will ‘save them’ and don’t continue to make bold moves tend to stagnate.

None of the people that you see speaking on a big stage did it without a lot of committed decisions in the area of speaking.

None of the people with big events started with 1000 people in a room.

And none of the people who are “famous” got that way without risking their ass in one form or fashion.

Probably over and over again.

Bold moves are things like sponsoring someone else’s event, hosting your own, asking to interview some big-name people, or committing financially to something like donating to charity, or a big purchase like a home or a dream vacation. These things need to be all in a day’s work to get where you want to go.

So today, I encourage you to write down your focused goals for the next 12 months. Think about the top 4-5  things that will create massive momentum in your business.

Then narrow it down to ONE priority and claim that as your ONE Focus for the next 120 days. Give your next four months a title. It could be a strategic title, e.g. “Build My Reach” or “Master Sales” or “Massive Cash Flow,” a way of being title, e.g. “Relax and Allow,” “Go Beyond,” “Being Seen,” or “Be Love,” or it could be a measurable title, e.g. “$120K,” or “List Size 2000,” or “10 JV Partners.”

You’ll be amazed at the magic this one big ass decision can make.

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