Can 10 minutes out from behind your desk change your life? How about a week without your

I feel like a broken record sometimes when I talk about environment. But then I remember that just because I know something is important doesn’t mean other people hear it every time. (People always need a reminder of the things that seem obvious to you by the way).

  • I found love
  • I made room for things I love
  • I sold out a high level coaching program
  • I found inspiration for a new retreat and filled it without even trying
  • I connected with the right person at the right time who changed what was in my heart in a way that I was never the same again (in a good way)
  • I began to care for myself in new ways because my environment made me feel so WORTHY of being cared for

These are just some of the ways that changing my environment has changed my world. Whether a 10-minute walk that drew my attention from the day-to-day tasks at hand so I could become aware of an opportunity that was perfect for me, or a week-long retreat outside of the continental US, or a cross-country move that left me free to re-invent myself at will… change your environment, change your life.

Here’s Why It Works

We know the power of our thoughts to change our life. If you’re on my list you surely have studied some on Law of Attraction, and hopefully deeper into the Law of Thinking or the Law of Being. So you know that your thoughts create your world, right?

Yet it is hard as hell to control your thoughts, right? Especially when you see someone on Facebook doing the thing you’ve always dreamed of doing and you look around and you are sitting in your shitty office-closet and wondering where you went astray. And you’ve forgotten everything about who you know yourself to be in an instant!

Your Environment Tells You Who You Are

When you forget who you are (which happens easily in our complex world), your environment reminds you. If you are surrounded by beautiful things that you love, that tell you that you are WORTH being treated well, then in the momentary lapse of reason that we all have, you are returned to your proper set-point, and you don’t even have to resist the urge to spiral down. YOU KNOW YOU ARE AMAZING! Who else would have that gorgeous custom painting above your CEO-worthy desk? Someone AMAZING! A.k.a. YOU!

But It’s the Water You Swim In

Einstein said, “I don’t know who discovered water, but it sure wasn’t a fish!” Here’s the thing – your environment is the water you swim in. You don’t notice it or the way it gives you your life because you are always in it. Until you get out!

When I’ve made decisions to uplevel my environment permanently, it always started with a temporary change.

More than half of us on this planet don’t even actually know what we want until we see it. We have to be exposed to an idea, a thought, or a lifestyle, and when exposed we get a gut, “yes, I want that.” It’s not your fault, it’s your design. This means that if you stay home in the same place, seeing and doing the same things, without giving yourself new experiences, nothing will ever change.

You will never grow your business because you have no true to desire to grow it because you haven’t yet seen what that growth will allow you to do.

That’s where retreats come in.

Each of my changes happened when I put myself into a retreat / immersion experience that allowed me to see myself and what I wanted from a whole new level. Sometimes what I saw scared me… I thought, “Who am I to have that?” or, “What will people think of me if I make a change like THAT?” And yet when I saw it SO CLEARLY, as only a change in environment can do, there was NO WAY I was going to ignore that which had now become so clear.

I had an experience of treating myself differently, and I couldn’t go back. I could see what I was meant to do on this planet with clarity, and I couldn’t go back. Scary, hard, and uncertain as the changes may have felt… (Who am I to be, do or have that? Again and again!), I moved through fear, because I knew from my own new experience that this was who I was becoming.

This is what I want for you. I want you to learn to trust yourself and your inner recognition of what is “for you” (and what isn’t) and to experience all that you are meant to be! Because we all win when you honor your Truth.

New Environment Custom Fit for You

That’s why I created Align With Heart Italy – the ultimate in getting out of your environment and experiencing who you really are.

If you’re still reading and this resonates with you, I invite you to apply. This is an intimate retreat that is an investment in yourself and your very bright future as a thought-leader on this planet. Here’s the link to learn more and apply:

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