Oh how I’d love to transfer to you the power of true freedom.

I’m not saying I have it all the time. I still contract in some moments. As I write this, for example, I have a contract on my desk to sign. I’ve been hesitating. I’m tuning in to whether the hesitation is Spirit guiding me or my fear. Luckily I’ve been here before.

This week I’ve had several conversations with clients about what true freedom is and how so many people live as if it’s something else. It’s a great lead in to Captivation Factor #6 which I’ll share shortly!

First I want to update you on a couple of things!

I won’t pretend to believe you read everything that comes into your inbox… 🙂

A little over a month ago I decided to shake some things up! It was the 10-year anniversary of my stepdad’s death which was the pivotal moment that brought me to this business. Because of this I also pulled out all of the stops to finish my book draft. It is my 7th year in business, we may call it a 7-year itch!

I stopped publishing my regular newsletter. I’ve been spending more time on Facebook Live. I’ve shaken up some things with my team (you “met” Marta Costa in my last newsletter that we accidentally sent out from her! Oops!) and my work with my clients and it’s really exciting. I know we’ll be able to serve more of you in an even better way as we move into this age of rapid transformation.

With a bit of time to ‘retreat’ from my regular structure I’ve made some decisions!

I will go back to a regularly published “newsletter” starting now! It will come out on Thursdays rather than Fridays. We will continue to play around with the format but you can expect to see articles, tips, and links to join me in groundbreaking conversations for “Transformation Tuesday” over in Facebook Live. If you know you don’t to miss this, please go join my Aligned Entrepreneurs Tribe Facebook group stat!

You’ll also see loads of retreat planning and leading resources over there, and here in this weekly update.

Now back to The Power of True Freedom…

In the last few days the conversation is rampant. What is freedom anyway? And especially when it comes to money! What do I really want in this area? What is the business I truly want to create? It seems that the money that comes in just goes right back out without me ever feeling like I’m getting ahead! Is this what freedom really looks like?

Have you ever been in a thought process like this?

Well let’s take a look at #6 in our Captivation Factors. As a reminder, we are in a series on the Top 10 Captivation Factors that help you to be the type of person who can create transformation in a room just by being yourself! Are you ready?

Captivation Factor IconCaptivation Factor #6: I am connected to what I most want and trust that the Universe is supportive of me having it.

If you can embody the idea of Captivation Factor #6 you will embody true freedom.

See in the conversations I’ve been having I am noticing that many people have bought into the illusion that freedom will happen someday when they have all their ducks in a row. I don’t know about you but I have been in business for SEVEN years now and my ducks are not in a row. There are at least fifty things I can think of that I’d like to do, accomplish, or change in my business that I just simply haven’t gotten to yet. I am certain there are fifty more just waiting to come into my awareness.

I’d love it if I’d had the priority earlier in my business to pull money out of it such that I had more sitting in the bank. This has only recently become a priority.

And yet when I really tune in to myself, I am free.

I have trust that the Universe has my back and is supportive of my moving in the direction that serves my greatest and highest good, along with the highest good of others.

I am 100% certain that desire is of Spirit and that as desires become known (as in come into my awareness) it is because Spirit will show me the path to actually fulfill on that desire very quickly. And that I do not need to know HOW until I make the decision to create what is next.

By the way, in the time since I began writing this article I have signed the contract in question that I mentioned above.

Now lets talk about money.

The condition of my bank account does not influence my ability to feel free. I repeat, the condition of my bank account does not influence my ability to feel free.

Now of course, when your bank balance looks amazing, it can be exciting. Having adequate cash flow can free up your energy and attention from having to manage debt payments or make sales calls. This can create time freedom, and that makes a difference! You can focus your attention on creating what’s next rather than tending to the details of today’s bills. It is important to get to this place!

That said, the bulk of the reason people are not in true freedom when it comes to money is that they are worrying that money won’t come. They don’t know how to tune in to their true desires, and they don’t trust that the Universe has their back.

I’ve been in a course of study about money recently. Kimmi and I are in a different life stage currently in which we’ve got some plans that require us to pull some money out in different ways. This sparked an interest in studying some new things.

The fundamental premise of the course is this: “You can only have true freedom to do your best work in the world when you are not relying on your business to pay your bills.”

Wow, I am so grateful I did not study this line of thinking in the beginning of my business! And I have to tell you that I fundamentally disagree!

I get the thinking. And I do know that if my business did not need to make money there are likely some things that I would do differently. However I also don’t think I’d be making as much of a difference.

See, when we have a desire for something financial that is outside of our current budget, we must then look at why this desire is showing up, and in what way is it calling us to grow. If you need to raise your rates in order to budget in the support team you need to develop your new offering and serve your clients, that is likely because it serves the greatest and highest good for you to be charging more, and working with clients who are more invested.

The desire that creates a financial gap is the desire that will cause you to grow as a person. When you can truly surrender to the guidance of the Universe, money is a beautiful game.

Here is the other reason I don’t align with the premise above. Inherent in the premise is the idea that we must live in LACK, i.e. lack of freedom, until we have stockpiled enough money that we are completely self-sufficient and insulated from any potential harm.

Well what kind of life is THAT?

Why would we want to wait to be free? (Note the general amount of money you’d need to pull from your business to have this prescribed kind of freedom is roughly 4-5 million).

When you know the Universe has your back and is guiding your journey, there is a deep sense of calm and inner freedom that is ALWAYS with you, not with you once you’ve got your ducks in a row and protected yourself from harm.

We are in a time in which we need let go of the value systems of stockpiling for a future need. This scarcity-based thinking has helped us to create some of the biggest problems and most isolating times we’ve ever seen.

My suggestion to you is to focus on the true freedom that comes from within, and from THAT energy create your business, your retreat, and your life. If winning and losing were illusions and we didn’t make it MEAN anything about our moral character to say we made more money or less, or we had debt or didn’t, what would be possible? Freedom, my friends. Freedom.

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