There’s a killer of inspiration that’s been running rampant out there lately and I need to bring it to your attention.

I’ve been having conversations in the past week about what I’ve termed “The Alignment Gap,” which is that period between when you become aware that what you’ve been doing is no longer working, but you haven’t yet determined or embraced what to do instead.

When you’re in this place, you’ll have to make a sacrifice. You’ll have to sacrifice something of a lower nature in favor of something of a higher nature. Often you don’t know what that is. But even more often you do know what it is, but you wish you didn’t, because the sacrifice seems too scary.

I have been there quite a few times in my years in business.

Sometimes you’ll have to let go of things that are still working because you know there is something that is more aligned that is wanting to come through you. Sometimes you will feel absolutely no guarantee that the new thing will work. And almost always you have to let go of the old thing before you are totally clear on the new.

(This is why I’ve created my new Intensive called The Alignment Advantage to create the space for the clarity to show up quickly!)

But do you want to know one of THE BIGGEST reasons we don’t allow ourselves to let go to make space for what’s next? The reason we stay too long or cling to the past?

We don’t know how to let go of something without making it wrong.

In our insatiable quest to categorize the world into good and bad, right and wrong, we seem to feel that we can only walk away from something if it is bad or wrong. And that by choosing to let it go, we are inherently judging it as wrong, or declaring to the world with our actions that it is or was wrong. As if our choosing to change or leave something somehow invalidates the purpose it had at the time when it was right on purpose.

So we keep it around. An offering that isn’t working, a relationship that’s long been over, a home that doesn’t feel quite like home. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve talked with who have stayed in relationships way too long because, well, “He’s a good guy.” As if the only reason not to date someone is that they are a horrible person. I’ve talked with people who are afraid to let go of a job or old business model because they “still don’t mind it.” Not minding it is a lot different than loving it however.

It’s OK to let go of something that you don’t mind! It’s OK leave behind a perfectly good thing, in favor of what is calling to you now. Spirit will guide you and you’ve got to trust the direction. Choosing to walk away doesn’t make your past choices wrong. In fact without them you likely would never have been in a place to see the next opportunity. So bless them and release them! Then watch your world open up.

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