In my recent “Uplove Your Business” training I shared a concept that I’ve only recently figured out how to The Space Between You put into words. I call it “the space between you.”

Unless you are intentional about the space between you and a client, a prospect (or even a lover!), you’ll default to the lowest common energy level between you. Generally this isn’t a creative energy… and it’s not going to build a result that either of you want.

But when you ARE intentional about the space between you, you can literally CREATE a space for your STAR Client to show up. And it might surprise you how people raise their hands to say ‘yes that’s me.’ And it’s about more than simply having something of value. And when you understand it
(I know my people are smart enough to ‘get it’) then you have infinite creative power in your business.

Since many of you weren’t there on that call, I want to share this concept. Below is the link to the entire call. This piece is the “2nd Key to Uploving Your Business” and it starts at ~ 36 Minutes. Enjoy!

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