I remember those fleeting thoughts…

This is it.  This is what I’m REALLY about in life.  If I could just make this happen, the world would be a different place and I would be a happy girl.  

Have you had them?

Those points of distinct clarity of mind do come, don’t they?  But what do you do with them?

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Those of you who have joined me for a live retreat ( and if you have’t I hope that you will soon!) may have heard my story of “Swingset Performace”. When I was a kid I instigated the best swingset performance North 2nd Street had ever seen.  We charged admission and all the grandparents came.  Oh, the candy money!  It was a huge success in my mind, until the moment I heard my mother apologizing for me and my actions.  Instantly I thought, “What if I’m wrong?”

A Sad Reality

My reality to that point had been that the attendees were clearly bored and needed something to do, and we kids were brilliant.  In an instant, with one statement, my mother created a new reality in my mind, one in which I was wrong and even foolish to believe myself.

Has that happened for you?  You get very excited about an idea for what’s possible in the world or in your business, and you allow someone else who simply doesn’t have that same perception to squelch your dream?

I did it for ten years until I began to recognize the importance of my environment and changed it.  Our environment shapes who we are every moment, all the time, by reminding us of who we get to be, and sometimes even telling us how we should behave.

The world is, by definition, average.  Unless you are consciously cultivating an environment in which you spend time with people who get what you see is possible, who believe you when you speak your Truth, you are probably reverting back to average thoughts on a regular basis.

I don’t spend time with people who doubt my Truth these days, at least not very often.  Yet I still need to get on a plane regularly and shake up my environment to allow new perceptions to come in that keep me on a growth trajectory.

Growing or Dying?

We are always either growing or dying, and an average environment will lead to death in business.

I just joined two high level masterminds and invested more than I ever have in mentors who will stretch me in ways I probably can’t even imagine right now.  I did this because I know the power of me getting out of my environment, learning from a master, and also from others who are on the same journey to build a successful, heart-based business.  Investing in these masterminds has paid back in revenue for my business many times over.

Believing Yourself

With Dr. Wayne Dyer’s recent passing, I thought I’d share one of my favorite quotes from his book, The Power of Intention :

“The process of appreciating your genius involves trusting those inner flashes of creative insight that are worthy of expression…. These ideas in your imagination are distributions of God taking place…  Banishing doubt regarding those brilliant flashes of insight will allow you to express these ideas and begin the process of acting on them.  Having the thoughts and squelching them because you think they aren’t good or they don’t merit any action is denying the connection you have with the power of intention.  You have a connecting link to intention, but you’re allowing it be weakened by living at ordinary levels of ego consciousness.”

What do you need to shift in your environment that will allow you to see AND BELIEVE your inner flashes of creative insight?

Remember, people don’t buy products, people buy belief, and they believe people who believe themselves.

An environment of doubt and doubters won’t lead you to the solid belief in yourself and your ideas that you need to skyrocket your own growth. Ever.

If I’ve sparked an interest in learning about how you can join me in a “new environment” at one of my retreats, reach out to support@alignedentrepreneurs.com and we’ll talk about what might be right for you!

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