I’m Darla

Recovering engineer, Type A control freak at your service. If i can do this you can too! I could give you all of my credentials but that would defeat the purpose here, because the truth is…

I filed for divorce and lost my stepdad to cancer in one helluva summer. I was sitting in my corporate cubical when I got the call that my stepdad had passed. I knew it was coming but I didn’t know when, and I’d run out of vacation days. So I was back at work putting in time when he passed, rather than by his side, where my heart was.

I’d daydreamed of starting a transformation business for years before that happened, but I was too afraid of what people would think of my crazy ideas to act on it. (Chemical engineer to life coach? Huh?) I was an approval addict and it was too damn scary take that kind of risk. Until that summer, in that moment, when the pain of being tied to a ‘real job’ became greater than the fear of going for it. Bless that summer for I am free.

I’ll show you what I mean.

It’s Not Your Credentials That Matter: It’s Your Heart, Your Willingness To Live In Truth, And Your Unique View Of Life That Matters.

I’m the founder of Aligned Entrepreneurs and creator of Retreat and Grow Rich™ and I do what I do for two reasons:


Much of the foundation of our world is broken. Now, I don’t believe in being afraid about problems. Inherent in every problem is an equal opportunity, and the opportunity in what’s happening now (gun violence, obesity, cancer rates, terrorism, political chaos, prejudice, environmental instability, etc.) is that more and more people are waking up and doing their part to grow their own consciousness and support others to do the same.

I believe that’s why you’re here. Because we cannot use the same thinking that got us here to create the world we want our kids to inherit.

As a former corporate engineer I can tell you that companies are realizing this too, finally. But in my early days of my career I was given strong advice from my management to be careful to craft people’s perception of me in the way I was “supposed to” to fit in there – the left-brained, data-driven, logical way.

Specifically, “your soft skills are really great, Darla, but they will only get you so far.”

That was then. Today my soft skills have guided me to create a business that crossed 1/2 million very quickly and is growing, and more importantly to make a big impact on the lives of my clients, friends, and colleagues. Bigger than I ever made while engineering products that nobody really needed. The tables have turned. In the words of Daniel Pink, right-brainers will rule the future, and you are in the exact right place to take advantage of that trend and serve people along the way.

Win-win-win. And we’re all always winning after all.

“We Cannot Use The Same Thinking That Got Us Here To Create The World We Want Our Kids To Inherit.”


Small retreats have the ability to increase people’s awareness like no other strategy I’ve encountered in my six years in business. In a small retreat you can’t hide, you get to practice integrating the work you’re doing on the spot. Your clients will grow faster, learn more, and connect with the purpose of your work on a deeper level than any online marketing campaign will ever do. They will get to the source of what’s not working for them, and transform it – permanently. And here’s the secret.

The source of much of the pain of today is disconnection. Trying to be someone we’re not, feeling we don’t belong, and not trusting our own inner knowing of what’s so for us leaves us feeling afraid and alone. And we cover it up with having it all together. But the truth is we create the things we really want in life by coming together. By being clear about, and vulnerable with, our personal truth without fear. By owning it, publicly, in a safe space with a powerful guide, the world begins to change. The ripple effect is endless.

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