valueIt’s tough to grow a thriving business when you doubt your value. You’ll undercharge, you’ll over-give, you’ll settle for clients who aren’t committed, and drain your energy, because you’re afraid to go for the clients you really want.

Today, I’d like to address the 3 Laws of Value. These are three Universal Laws which, when embraced, will absolutely change your value, by shifting your BEING as you operate your business.

LAW #1: The Law of Polarity

Where the desire is present, the way to fulfill it is also present. How do you determine your value? When you allow external circumstances, other people, or your own limited view of yourself determine what to charge, you’re not aligning with your true value.

When you understand that your desire is of spirit, and that your desire always shows up right on time, you let your value be guided by your desire. What do you truly want? What do you want to provide to your clients, to the world? What do you want for your self and your lifestyle? When you trust your desires, you’ll act in alignment with them, and quickly become aware of the opportunity to build exactly what you want.

LAW #2: The Law of Receiving

Give your substance where it can do most good. In Working the Law by Raymond Holliwell, Chapter 5 covers the Law of Receiving. A key to creating a pathway to receive is knowing where to give. The guideline of “give your substance where it can do most good” is a law worth implementing. It’s hard to be clear about your value in the world when you are giving your ‘substance’ or ‘goods’ where it’s not welcomed, asked for, or paid for. So many entrepreneurs going around ‘helping’ everyone who hasn’t asked, and having no distinction.

This can sound harsh, but you’ve got to recognize that when you give yourself away, you diminish your value. In Working with the Law, he says, in the Bible, Jesus didn’t give so much as a thought to anyone who did not want to improve. He gave his substance where it could do more good and cautioned, “do not throw your pearls before swine.”

Giving is an important part of receiving. You just want to give in the right places.

LAW #3: The Law of Sacrifice

Success requires sacrificing that of a lower nature in favor of something of a higher nature. Most likely you’ve got things, people, habits, patterns, or ideas in your life that do not resonate with where you are going at your fullest value. They came into your world when you were OK with that lower nature. But that’s not who you are as a CEO of a thriving business. This is the law that’s the most challenging for most people to recognize and honor.

It’s common to RECOGNIZE the lower nature energy in your life, and quickly rationalize why it’s not time to let it go just yet. And that’s why many people never own their value. They allow the lower nature to permeate their world, and are terrified of who they’ll become when they let it go.

You might just become who you are. Embrace the Law of Sacrifice… if you dare.

Ready to own your real value? It’s impossible to do from behind your laptop. Come get in a room with me… April 10-12 in Denver, and we’ll implement these three laws in your life and business. Inner Alignment Intensive


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