1087378_14693479I’ve got a group of clients this month who are working on crafting their signature talks. One of the key components to a talk that connects you with your audience is your story. People will not remember much of what you actually said, but they will remember how you made them feel, and your story is what makes them feel.

But your story is not only important for your talk, it’s important for you to understand how your story makes you THE perfect person to do what you do. (We work on this in my CAPTIVATE retreat https://retreatandgrowrich.com/captivate)

Because when you understand that YOU are the one, you no longer concern yourself with the competition. You know that you are able to command any rate because your right clients will know you’re their person. And that comes from…

… truly knowing in your bones that you have built in credibility.

Here are the top 5 reasons to master your story.

1)    Your story will connect you with your audience because your prospects will see themselves in you.

Most service-based entrepreneurs who take on their own alignment tend to work with clients who are where they were. When your potential client hears your story, they will recognize themselves in you, and they will gain confidence that if you can do it, they can do it. You’ll help to bridge the gap in their mind to see themselves working with you.

2)    Your audience will be rooting for you rather than judging you.

When you share your story, your audience feels they know you. When they know where you’ve been, most people will be on your side. It doesn’t even matter WHAT your story is, but when they understand that you are a human with a story, they will tend to listen through a filter for ‘what’s right’ rather than ‘what’s wrong.’

3)    Why you do what you do is more important than what you do.

A well-crafted story lets people know the WHY or the motivation behind your choice to be in business. They will trust you when they understand that you are absolutely doing the work you are called to do in this world.

Have you ever worked with a service provider who didn’t do what they said, or took longer than you expected, or even completely changed or closed their business because they realized they were doing the wrong thing? That’s why a wise person will want to know your WHY behind your business. And YOU want to know how your story fits what with what you do and why, so that YOU know you won’t be out of business any time soon because you are doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing.

4)    Your story allows you to be vulnerable, so your prospect will feel safe.

A mistake a lot of entrepreneurs make when telling their story is they make sure it has them looking like the hero. That’s great, but remember that the hero’s journey generally involves some close calls, and some moments of missteps. And that is what helps people to relate with you as a human being, and lets them feel safe to be human around you. When you’re perfect they may be afraid to come to you until they are perfect too, which of course never happens. So let yourself be real, in service of your client who also wants to be real.

5)    Your story points you to your purpose. There is nothing else you could possibly do, so you are instantly credible.

When you are able take a birds eye view to look at all you’ve experienced and see the thread between your peak experiences, your breakdowns, the times in your life you wouldn’t wish upon anyone, and the times when you excelled beyond expectation, you will see your purpose. People often need to do the work to release the hurt of the past in order to see the purpose in each experience. And when you can see the clarity of purpose embedded in your story, and you can embody it, your credibility is in your bones. There is nothing to prove, and no one else to be but you.

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