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In this very special episode of Aligned Entrepreneurs, I sat down with Kate Gerry and Chris Kenney for a little truth talk and behind the scenes of their transformations.

Listen to Kate as she tells us where she was when she knew in her gut that she had to join me for a retreat in Italy. She was experiencing a mismatch in values with her now ex-husband and determining if she still wanted to spend energy in the relationship. Kate also shares her side of the story of when she and Chris first met.

Hear Chris weigh in on where he was in life when he ended up on the Italy retreat. After a devastating breakup, he had listened to his intuition and reached out to see if we could partner together. After ending up in a totally different conversation, I invited him to the retreat. He explains what was going on in his mind when I took a stand for him joining us.

Their powerful stories make me all the more excited to use this livestream to announce our Lazy Bee ALIGNED retreat in Italy!

In this Episode:

  • Learn what had to shift for Kate in order for her to own her truth.
  • Hear how the retreat environment helped Kate break free from her past.
  • Listen to Chris detail how his money mindset shifted.
  • Hear the juicy punchline Kate and Chris have been waiting to share.

When we say “yes” we open up for that whole orchestra to happen.

Key Takeways:

  • The size of a retreat doesn’t always matter — there was initially only one attendee signed up for our Italy retreat.
  • Divine timing is always working for our good.
  • We can’t be in two different energies at the same time.
  • Nothing great happens in life if we don’t continuously move forward in faith.
  • Learn all about our upcoming Lazy Bee ALIGNED retreat in Italy!

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