There are two relationships that it’s vital you get comfortable with if you want to create truly successful, profitable retreats:

Your relationship with your desire…

…and your relationship with money.

The two concepts are connected. Because much of what you desire will cost money in order to create. If you don’t trust your desires, you’ll feel bad about asking for money.

And if you feel a sense of ‘shame’ or ‘wrong’ around money, you’ll get stuck when it comes to using it to create the business and life you desire. That can show up in ways like:

  •      Not paying yourself (even if you’re making a profit)
  •      Hiring people who are out of alignment with you, or having trouble steering your team
  •      Or feeling paralyzed and unable to make spending decisions, keeping you stuck in the same place

So how can you begin to shift your energy in these areas, and what difference will you see that create when it comes to your results?

Connecting to your desire

Your desire is what guides you and motivates you – it’s the experience you want to create for yourself in the world.

Your desire might be to…

  •      Eat organic food raised with care
  •      Slow down and enjoy long, lazy hours of reading or meditating, without watching the clock
  •      Have bodywork done by a gifted practitioner every week
  •      Explore your art and indulge your creative impulses
  •      Support your family to follow their dreams
  •      Wear beautiful clothes which make you smile every time you open your closet
  •      Experience sensual connection with your partner in opulent locations
  •      Attend retreats yourself, to grow and transform

… or some other, beautiful desire that’s unique to you.

Giving yourself permission to desire requires you to get clear on your relationship with money.

Not all of your desires will cost money to bring to life, but many of them will – even if it’s not immediately obvious. Like having the time to go down to the ocean and breathe in the salt air for an hour at sunset.

Or experiencing freedom from financial stress so you can really be present with your spouse.

When you think about your desires, you can begin to see how your relationship with money is impacted by your beliefs around what you “deserve” to receive.

Learning to trust and accept your desires can be challenging.

Often that’s because we’ve absorbed an idea that we don’t “deserve” to have the things we want. You might have unconsciously integrated a belief that good things are only for people who look or sound a certain way. (Not “people like you”…)

As one of my clients recently shared with me, you might believe you don’t deserve to enjoy the good things in life.

The truth is:

Every human is deserving of all good things simply because they exist.

So, if there were no way to measure “deserving this” or “not deserving this” what would that open up when it comes to your desires?

What would you focus on instead when you think about the energy exchange of money in your business?

What would you focus on instead when someone in your life wants to be generous with you?

Trust your desire, and the money will follow

When you trust your desires and you are able to really believe that you deserve good things, you’ll find it’s much easier to create a really clear, clean, healthy relationship with money.

Trusting your desires means you can come from a place of love when it comes to pricing your programs, making offers to your clients and enjoying the flow of money in and out of your business.

You’ll be able to make decisions that feel great about hiring team members who are aligned with your vision and values. You can invest in the support you need to help you evolve and expand.

Your retreat is calling you to grow

As soon as you decide to commit to holding a retreat – whether it’s your first or your fiftieth – you will find that the process of transformation begins.

Part of that transformation is the shift you will undergo personally as a leader, and often that’s connected to these two things: money or desire.

You’re asked to realign yourself with the soul of our retreat, and the leader you are being called to be. To gather your energy, and tune into your calling. This is where the most powerful experience for your participants begins.

If you’d like to talk through the shift you’re experiencing as a leader of transformational retreats, why not register for a free conversation with one of the Retreat and Grow Rich Team.

Our Associate Coach, Julie, has a limited number of spots open to talk through where you’re at and help you check in on your next step. You can click here to book your call now.

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