This may be news for some of you.  I’ll be honest, it’s kinda like news for me every time I remember it.  There is no finish line.

We never get it all figured out.

We never have all of the answers.

It never ends!

This could be a bummer, or it could be the most freeing news you’ve ever remembered.

See, we are in a constant state of increasing our awareness (some people aren’t – but they are not reading this blog) and becoming fine-tuned and honed-in on who we truly are, the difference we are here to make, and what really works for us.

The fact that there is no finish line CAN be an exciting adventure.  A call to alignment.

Today I launch my new brand.  I have a new face on a commitment that has been solid in me for many years – a commitment to people being free to be fully themselves in life without fear.  Knowing that they are enough, exactly as they are, to make the money they want and have the life they want.

I used to put a label on this.  I called it getting in your “sweet spot.”  In the sweet spot old worries disappear and you are in the “flow” of what is true for you, because you are absolutely, 100% willing to be you.

The “sweet spot” still exists… I love the experience of being in it.

But here was the problem.  People have a tendency to hear “sweet spot” and think, “if I just knew what it is, then I’d be golden.”  They think of it as a destination.  A finish line.

There is no finish line.

Being aware of the core genius and mission that are alive in your “sweet spot” business is absolutely critical.  And then there is the mustering of the courage to align with it.

To align further and further every day.  Becoming more and more clear on who you are and what you’re about.  Taking a bigger stand for the difference you make.  Being willing to make your business REALLY work for you – not just “sort of” work – not settling for what someone else said you “should” want.

That’s what it means to Align to the business that represents your Truth.  That’s what the sweet spot has always been about.

Now it’s got a new face.

The Sweet Spot is dead.

It’s time to ALIGN!

To learn more about what that means, click here.

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