Align-with-HeartWallace Wattles in his book, The Science of Getting Rich, talks about “The Impression of Increase.” As you’re connecting with people and telling them about your business vision and goals, and how you serve people, they are both listening to what you are saying, and they are sensing who you are being. And they are looking for the impression of increase.

Wattles tells us that all human beings are designed to look for ‘more life.’ We want to expand and grow. We are evaluating those we meet based on whether we believe they are someone who can help us to grow. That is what he means by the impression of increase.

The impression of increase has evolved over time. In the early days a professional look, and maybe a shingle, provided the impression of a business that could help one to increase. Competition was less stiff and marketing less important.

As Internet marketing began to grow, the impression of increase was all about the right online presence, and following a new and exciting online marketing formula. If you were simply following the marketing trend, people perceived you as knowing something they didn’t, and they wanted that.

Fast forward, as more and people began to talk about becoming wealthy and making big money doing the work you love, the impression of increase was all about money. As I entered this industry it seemed that the way people evaluated service providers in our industry had to do with the car they drove, the house they lived in, or the first-class vacations they took. The flashier the better.

And we’re moving to another era now.

To be clear, I’m a fan of being professional, of using Internet marketing, and of buying things that support you in feeling really good about yourself (flashy or not). And none of these things is enough anymore. We’re no longer looking for someone to show us their ‘stuff’ to help us decide if they are legitimate or if they can help us.

Today’s impression of increase is about something that is harder to fake. It’s really about Alignment. Alignment with who you are on the inside, and alignment with a set of core values that lead to freedom, joy, and happiness.

These day’s people want to hire and work with people who are successful all the way around, inside and out. We want to work with people who model values that matter to us. The more we understand energy and the impact the energy of the people we choose to hire has on us, the more selective we are about who we let in.

Today’s impression of increase is about energetic increase. To project an energy that draws people toward you, you need to have great energetic ‘hygiene,’ or in my words, alignment. You’ve got to operate with integrity, and understand the heart of who you are.

Plenty of people have made a lot of money for a lot of years without addressing their own alignment with the work they do, and this is starting to show. In 2015 and beyond, we’re no longer willing to turn a blind eye to who people really are at their core.

This is great news for someone like you, someone who is committed to walking a path of alignment with your Truth. You are ahead of the game, and if it hasn’t already, your pocketbook will soon increase as fast as your energy. I can’t wait to watch!

What’s been your experience with what YOU perceive to give off an impression of increase – I’d love to hear!

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