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Welcome to the weekly “Alignment Ask.” This question today comes from Betsy. And Betsy asks, “I have several strong interests and goals to my business that don’t necessarily go together. Which makes it difficult to focus. Do you suggest starting with one and then evolving into the others?”

So first of all, great question. And Betsy that is so awesome that you have so many strong interests in passions. Because that means you’re going to have a lot of fire for your business, Which is amazing. And it can also cause issues right? As you have noted.

Your idea is a really good one. Which is to focus on one and then weave in the others. I want to throw out another idea for you. Which is, sometimes we can get so hung up on us and our interests and all of that.

By all means I believe that you should totally love and be interested in everything you do in your business. But in the beginning you really want to start with a different question…

“Who are you serving?” And also, “Where are you taking them?”

Because your marketing is really about them and it is not so much about you.

Who are you serving?

This is all about the people that you have drawn to serve. Your background, your expertise will dictate who you can relate to, and easily connect with what they’re going through.

Where are you taking them?

This has everything to do, well, it kind of has to do with your interests. But it really has to do with what matters to you in terms of the transformation you provide. Or the destination that you take them to. So when I teach about this, I teach about it as your Mission, and getting really clear about the mission you are on in your business. If you could get all of these ideal clients to agree with you about one thing, what would it be? That’s where you want to take them.

Don’t worry about what “you do.”

So rather than focusing on everything that you’re going to do “on your bus,” as I call it. In other words everything that you’re going to do with your client, in between where they are and where they are going, that happens on the bus. In the beginning just focus on getting really clear about who this is (Ideal Client), and really clear about what they want that is consistent with where you want to take them.

Because that is how you market and start working with people. And then when you work with them you can weave in all sorts of things.

So let’s say you are interested in dance right? I’m not a very good dancer. 🙂 But you could include dance in the way you work with them. Or maybe in the way that you communicate and talk to them. Maybe you do video and weave it in.

If you are into art or creativity, maybe you send a client gift that you created yourself. Maybe you actually have your clients do some art along the way to get to this destination. And you have ultimate creativity there; you can weave in all kinds of different things.

The key is focus.

Staying focused in your marketing means focusing on the ideal client, and the destination you take them to. And those are the two things that you need the most in the beginning. So Betsy I hope this answered your question.

For those of you listening in or reading, I would love to hear your comments. Post your comment below. What is your experience with weaving in multiple interests into a business? We’d love to start that conversation. This is Darla LeDoux with Aligned Entrepreneurs and we will see you next week.


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