The ‘Master Mind’ may be defined as ‘coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.’ – Napoleon Hill

I’ve enjoyed the power of a Mastermind as a key source of ideas and energy to move my business forward.  I’ve also had different levels of success with it, depending on how I’ve set it up.  I offer a Mastermind to my clients as it is just that powerful.  As I return from my most recent and most powerful mastermind retreat yet, I want to share the top 10 reasons I fly across the country, and jump on the phone regularly, with this group.

1.    Ideas

This might be the most obvious reason.  With a dozen different sets of experience and knowledge in the room (or on the phone), the ideas are abundant.  Everyone has a different take on what’s possible, and something will always resonate with you.

2.    3rd Mind

Hill says, “No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third mind.”  This goes back to a biblical principle.  The third mind is spirit in the room, as an invisible guide that allows exactly what each person needs to show up.

Spirit shows up when we gather, and the job of the group, and in particular the leader, is to allow for it, and to allow the conversation to move in the needed direction, while holding focus on the intended outcome.  It is a beautiful dance.

I’m always delighted when I see the EXACT conversation that needs to happen to move the group forward show up in the room, usually out of nowhere.  An offhand comment invites in the spirit of the most important conversation for the room on any given day.  That is the 3rd mind.

3.    Likeminded Peeps

If you are a mission-driven entrepreneur, you have likely noticed that not everyone is like you.  A group of people who think along the same lines that you do can be a priceless resource.  It doesn’t necessarily mean they need to think the same, because you are unique, but there will be no shortage of people willing to tell you are wrong in life.  Find a group that lifts you up and can see where you are heading, maybe even better than you do.

4.    You are not alone

Especially in the initial stages of business, it is easy to feel lonely.  Being in a group of people who have connected based on a common purpose ensures you are not alone.  Of course you have to actually connect with these people – this is a decision you must make from within.  I see countless people join groups and not take full advantage of the resource they’ve stepped into.

5.    Leaving the House

Choosing a mastermind that involves a live component is especially powerful.  I do not, personally, love to travel to meet in conference rooms.  But I do it time and again, because every time I get on a plane and travel, I stir up my energy, I see things in a fresh way, and I connect with new people and ideas.  Leaving town is powerful, however challenging it seems – do it!

6.    You can see it in someone else when you can’t see it in yourself

My clients all make major movement, but those who participate in my mastermind make more movement than those who don’t.  Why?  Because we can see behaviors and patterns, and sense energy, in other people that we can’t see within ourselves.  Einstein said, “I don’t know who discovered water, but it sure wasn’t a fish.”  Whatever is our version of the water that we swim in, we can’t see it.  But when someone else models a change, or even pushes our buttons, we get a new view of who we are.

7.    Others can see in you what you can’t see in yourself

Similarly, when you open yourself to the group, others will see things about you, and your genius, that you can’t see from within yourself.  This supportive, harmonious feedback is priceless.  This makes it important that the group you choose includes people who will see in you what you are capable of and where you are going.  My first informal mastermind was a group of former corporate peers who I’d assembled as an advisory board.  While they were wonderful people, they couldn’t see where I was going, because they had no relevant experience.

8.    Being vulnerable in front of a group of human beings makes you a bigger person every time

Every single one of us who is in business, is in the business of relationship.  The single biggest reason people struggle with sales, is that they are afraid.  They are afraid to be real with people, they are afraid to connect with the people that need them most.  They are afraid to say what they really think because people might not like them.  The practice of regularly sharing yourself and your ideas with a group, in a way that makes you vulnerable, is a practice that will transform your sales every time.

9.    Investing and traveling for your business makes you feel “real”

Taking a business trip because you decide to take a business trip puts a whole new level of significance in your business.  This commitment instantly shifts your thinking from a place of “I’m struggling to start a business,” or “When I get to ______, then I’ll act like a real business,” to taking yourself seriously, now.  There is an intangible power in this.

10.    Fun!

If you are in the “right” business for you, one that you love, and you are connecting with likeminded people who “get it,” everything about the masterminding process will be fun.  Even the breakdowns are fun, because you know the breakthrough is around the corner.

What to look for in a mastermind:

To get the most of your mastermind, I suggest looking for the following attributes:

  • Structured format with a leader. In the process of growth, everyone is facing their fear in moving to the next level.  The structure of the group ensures everything has forward momentum.  I’ve seen countless groups form and flounder, as did my group of fellow coaching students, because there is no structure for commitment, and no leader.  A leader outside of the group will remain grounded and intentional rather than being in his or her own fear during the meeting.
  • Live and virtual meetings. The combination of forming relationships in person and connecting as well via phone allows you to make the most of your time and the connections the mastermind provides.
  • People at different levels, but similar commitment. Having people who are where you are going in your group will provide you calm, confident insight.  People who are where you’ve been in some areas will let you share and uplift others, and also remind you of how far you’ve come.  The key is that all participants are similarly committed to growth at every level.
  • A Definite Purpose. The commitment comes when the group and each of its members has a definite purpose to achieve in the time together.  The definite purpose for the group ensures that you attract those likeminded people who can see where you are going.
  • Space for the 3rd Mind. You want to make sure that the group is led by someone who will hold the intention of the group, while also allowing space for the 3rd mind to show up.  When a conversation needs to happen that was not necessarily on the agenda, a space for that to play out is critical for the best and highest good to unfold.
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