I am uncomfortable even writing this.

(Toss the plans and burn the strategies).

I don’t know if you know this or not but I am a ‘recovering engineer.’

As an engineer, if you can’t recreate a result, it’s not real! So imagine my surprise in recent years as everything in me has begun to resist planning in this way.

In fact, I’ve been SO CLEAR that the old way of planning, controlling outcomes, and creating results is going to fall by the wayside as we move into the new year.

A more RICH way of conducting business is emerging.


My Retreat and Grow RICH programs use the word RICH to represent richness in terms of how we live life, monetary wealth, and something else.

R = Right-brained 
I = Intuitive 
C = Connected 
H = Heart-centered

A few years ago I got fired up to create a revolution. The retreat revenue revolution to be exact.

But the revolution is about much more than retreats or revenue. It is about a more creative, organic, intuitive way of approaching business. (Some may call this ‘feminine’!) The skills of the best retreat leaders are just that.

My overarching goal with my work these days is to increase the value of this RICH work in the world. I’ve seen so many RICH entrepreneurs tone down their magic so as to fit in to the left-brained, practical, planning world we’re accustomed to. Yet I am 100% certain the ability to let go of the need to plan in old ways (this happens, then that, then this, then that… all with an energy of fear and control) is going to be the wave of the future.

The #MeToo movement and the backlash against the patriarchy are a part of this shift (loosely connected, but making space for more of an energetic and truth-based approach to life).

So the leaders who have developed their ability to be with uncertainty, to tune into their soul and the collective consciousness, to trust their inner knowing and the spark of creativity coming through them to be born into the world, those will be the leaders in the very near future.

AND especially in demand will be those who can teach others how to do this, because they’ve walked the talk and can model the way.

Is that you?

I’ve been running my business this way for the last 9 months. It was born out of the clear message from the Universe that I must turn it over, release control, and work my faith muscle more than ever.

I still have systems and I still have sustainable methods in my business. And in fact, they are needed more than ever so I can be free to follow Truth IN THE MOMENT when it presents itself.

Because finding the thing that works and doing it over and over again doesn’t work in the same way in the world we’re moving into where consciousness is expanding so quickly.

I’ve seen countless internet marketing and ‘transformation industry’ leaders share that their results are not working the way they were in the past. This is scary if you didn’t see it coming. If you did, it’s empowering, and also a bit unsettling… who are you to lead in this new wave of entrepreneurship?

This makes makes me think back to one of the first online trainings I ever took, it was back in 2009 when I started my business. It was during the recession and the marketing talked about how the businesses that would survive were not the ones who were applying formulas, it was the ones who knew how to think. (This was referring to ‘accurate thinking’ which includes understanding how your thinking influences results).

That message so landed like Truth for me, and that information, and that mentor, sparked my business which grew by leaps and bounds.

Today I am bringing you a new version of this message.

In the ‘social recession’ we’re in today, where old social norms are being blown up, old formulas aren’t working, and there is a space for a new way, the message today is that the businesses who will survive are those who know how to intuit.

Those who know how to tune in to the collective consciousness and give voice to the Truth who’s time has come now, and again now, and again now, emboldening and empowering others, they will be the ones leading.

I’ve actually seen this working for me for nine years in business… every message from this ‘tuned in’ energy has made an impact, and every one that came from a place of ‘do this right to get a result’ has simply not.

And for the last almost year I’ve been hard core about not acting until I had a crystal clear ‘yes.’

When I follow the energy, the joy, and the truth, life flows. When I don’t, it stops.

If this is resonating, if you’ve seen this too, please reply/ comment and let me know!

Imagine if we all followed the energy of truth and joy, what would that make available?

It is a distinctly RICH skill, and it matters.

There is also a distinct relinquishing of perceived control that happens when we go this route. And it makes our ego very nervous! (Remember I started this message disclosing my fear of writing about this!)

Because the thing that gets in the way of marketing and leading in this way is that pesky shadow self that we want to hide from. Our ego has constructed our controlled way of operating to keep us safe, and the moment we approach this level of freedom in how we are BEING in life, we are afraid of who we might become! So we stop!

I’ve tried to stop several times this year and revert back to old ways, but my soul will no longer allow this.

Once we know our truth – that our soul longs to be RICH – we can’t un-know it.

This is exactly the work we’ll be doing in my upcoming ALIGNED retreats.

Small group retreat in Tulum: LINK

Individual retreat with Darla in Southern California: LINK

If you know you’re a leader in this new way of doing business… it’s OK to baby step it and make it feel safe… and you want to start NOW!

Let’s join the wave of those speaking truth and bring light to the shadow selves all around the world… healing. Love. joy. Now.

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