I want to talk today about transformation. Did you know transformation is actually predictable? The word transformation is used a lot these days. The other day I was actually at the hair salon and there was a big ad for hair product. The headline was transformation. It’s a word that we hear so much, but what does it really mean?
Earlier today, one of my Facebook friends made a post that said, “Which word do you prefer? Transformation or healing?” People had a lot of opinions about that, about what transformation means and connotes to them and what healing says to them. I’m curious how you would personally answer that. I answered the post by talking about healing actually as one of the steps to overall transformation.
For me, healing is a word I’ve embraced more and more, really being able to heal the past in order to create something new for the future. That really is what transformation is. For me, healing is all about bringing forward that which has been hiding and shameful and judged and unaccepted, and bringing it forward out into the light to be seen, to be embraced, to be validated, to be put into perspective so that it’s no longer running our life. In that process of bringing that forward, it actually heals. In that healing, the old stuff from the past really dissipates and we create this space, a literal space. For those of you who have experienced it, it’s like this whole new world opens up and everything is possible. That’s where we get to bring our creative self forward and create something new and experience something new, and integrate a new way of being into our life that transforms everything.
Now this process is actually predictable. In fact, I teach The Anatomy of a Transformation. It’s a 10-step process that not only allows you personally to identify where you’re at in your own growth, but it allows a retreat leader, or a coach, or a healer, or a consultant to really be tuned into where your client is in their own transformation. When you learn this system you can actually learn how to be the most effective coach possible. And when you’ve got a group of people and you’re providing individual experiences, individual coaching to a group of people, while doing collective exercises, it allows you to actually know which of the tools in your toolkit to pull forward in order to create maximum transformation in a group setting.
In other words, if you’ve ever experienced a client who you can so see what’s possible for them, you can see who they truly are, you intuitively get what’s available for them, and you have this sense of the fullest expression of who they’re meant to be, but they can’t see it yet, this is the core of transformation. They can’t see it yet. From within whatever their filter is, that possibility is not even available.
What’s the most frustrating thing is to give advice to someone, to say, “Well just do this. I don’t know why you can’t see it. Just do this.” Well if that person can’t see it, they can’t see it. So your job as a transformational retreat leader, coach, healer, consultant, mentor, is to help them to create the space where they actually can see for themselves what’s possible.
There is a very predictable way you can walk someone through the steps to be ready to see all of the possibility for themselves. Because there’s a huge difference between knowing information and actually embodying transformation. This is like an epidemic right now. We know so much information, it’s just like overwhelming. But until we can embody our own truth and see what’s possible for ourselves not because someone else told us to do it but because we’re taking ownership of it, we’re not transformed. We can’t step into that possibility.
The steps to get there, there’s lots of paths. There’s lots of different tools for transformation and for healing, lots of modalities and approaches. You’re probably certified in a handful of them. Regardless of the tool that you use, the anatomy of the transformation is the same. What I want you to know is that it is entirely possible to craft a retreat experience that meets each person where they are in the transformation process and allows you to promise a transformational outcome because you know how to deliver that. This is all possible. This is something that we cover at my Retreat and Grow Rich live retreat.
We’re actually enrolling for that right now. We have two retreats open in March. If you know you are committed to mastery and you want to be absolutely the best in your field at not just delivering information but actually having your clients be in a place where they can use it and act on it, I invite you to join me. You can learn more at retreatandgrowrich.com/retreat. Again, I am so passionate about this process. I would teach it here if I could, but it’s actually something that’s experiential, so you want to come and have the experience for yourself as you design your retreat with my guidance. If you’re a retreat leader, if you want to host retreats, if you want your work to be more effective by integrating transformational experiences, come play with me. It’s going to be amazing fun. We’ll see you soon.
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