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But then each retreat is its own magical energetic entity that requires me to step into a frequency that I can actually be the custodian of what wants to come through that retreat. And the transformation and the constellation of souls that want to gather around that.

I have to always grow myself. And the number one question I’m always asking myself when I’m preparing for retreats is, who do I need to become to deliver this? To deliver the promise and the highest potential of this retreat.

– Clare Roche

Darla LeDoux: Hello and welcome to Retreat and Grow Rich, the podcast. This is Darla LeDoux and I’m so excited you’re here and joining us for our series on transforming the leader. Where we’re going behind the scenes with retreat leaders to share some of the real stories of what happens when you step into the spotlight and step into the front of the room. And today I’m here with Claire Roche and I’m so excited that she’s here.

Clare is a vision matchmaker, I just love that phrase. And abundance liberating for leaders of world-changing and paradigm shifting businesses. An intuitive visionary and channel, Clare connect you to the clarity and possibility of the highest realms. Matching you with the exact and highest vision for your life.

She liberates your money frequency to match that vision and guides you to the most aligned, unleashing of that vision. So you can live a blissfully abundant life as you create a better world. So it makes total sense why you’re here Clare, welcome.

Clare Roche: Thank you so much Darla. I’m so happy to speak on this topic and delighted that you’re putting this out in the world. It’s really under spoken of, thank you.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah, we connected through a mutual friend. And when she heard about the topic said, “Oh, you must interview Clare, she’s perfect for this.” So I thank you for accepting that invitation. And it’s not talked about enough. And I was speaking with someone recently who said she had worked with a coach in a mastermind for a while. And the coach would always tell people go do a retreat and like, just go do it.

But there’s a lot to it behind the scenes especially when you’re working with transformation and holding space for people to step into a higher vibration as the leader. In my experience, I’ve had all kinds of things show up that surprised me, that ended up being in service for the greatest good. So we don’t a lot of times talk about that. It’s like, just go do it.

But there’s a lot that’s happening when we choose to host a retreat. I want people to know that your retreat is called Embodied Wealth Liberation. And I would love to hear a little bit Clare about your journey to leading this retreat.

Clare Roche: Oh, thank you, yes. We run a number of retreats. Our very next one here in Spain is Embodied Wealth Liberation. It’s been an organic process for me Darla, as an intuitive visionary myself and a channel. The retreats come through me. And this one was very much the same and they’re born from my life experience.

I reach a certain level of consciousness and a certain level of wealth frequency in my life. And I almost very quickly have to send it out into the world to spread that out to others. So all the learning crystallizes through me and come out as either as intimate retreats or as high level mentoring programs. But I find that the retreats come through me in a very organic way based on what I’m growing myself into.

Darla LeDoux: Yes, that’s amazing. I’m going to ask more about that. I want to take us back before you were doing this work. And were you a retreat leader first or a coach consultant first or an intuitive healer?

Clare Roche: In my previous life, I was an academic. I was all in my head, which doesn’t work very well for us with intuitives and energy sensitives. And then I popped out of that. I was so drawn to EFT and energy work. I began that path 16 years ago and I became a practitioner.

And from there I began training practitioners and that organically led into mentoring when you have that level of experience you’re invited to become a mentor. And I thought I would be mentoring people around their client issues, but all anyone wants to know was, how did you get to leave your job and make an amazing living doing energy work and transformation?

Then my business grew organically from there and all of the money work that I’d have to do on myself. And the transformation that I had to be able to go from leaving a job into having a thriving business became the seeds of what I was teaching in the world

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. For you to teach people how to leave their jobs and earn money doing this work. It sounds like you had to do your own work on money?

Clare Roche: Oh, my goodness did I. Money’s been one of my greatest portals of transformation.

Darla LeDoux: Yes, say more.

Clare Roche: I chose to come into a family where money was very scarce and it was the source of great stress as well. That was one of the great learnings I chose to come in with this time. My parents are both self employed growing up and we really, really struggled. So when I realized that I needed to give up the safety of my career and to step into running a business. It was absolutely terrifying for me.

I had to work through layer, upon layer, upon layer of money work. And then I got to the stage where I had a really thriving practice. And I began teaching others how to do that. And then I realized that I wasn’t just teaching practitioners how to be abundant. The people that were coming before me were really leading something special in the world.

They were light leaders and as my spiritual consciousness opened up, again, my money work had to up-level because I had to step into leading visionary leaders. And for me, I’ve always noticed that there’s a plateau for the next level of vision to come through and money is one of the key ways to break through that plateau. While we’re holding a particular money consciousness, we have to bust through that to actually even be available for the next level of vision to come through that wants to be birthed in the world

Darla LeDoux: How do you think about that? Because I’m thinking, if the vision comes through but you don’t have the money to implement it or you’re afraid to play at that next level, you would stop. What’s been your experience with how those two things tie together, the level of money you’re willing to receive and your willingness to act on the vision?

Clare Roche: To do an amazing dance. Sometimes the money consciousness needs to open and then the new vision drops in. And then other time the vision drops in and it absolutely demands of us that we grow ourselves in our money consciousness. I find that they do this beautiful dance in and out as to who leads first.

Darla LeDoux: And do you run into healers who don’t want to make money or have that, because it’s healing and it’s helping people I shouldn’t make money?

Clare Roche: Many years ago, yes, that would have been an issue but not anymore. The people that I work with they’re a very high level of consciousness. They may have blocks around money that they can’t see or can’t get through by themselves. But they at least know that this is something that’s holding them back. They know that they need to grow in their money in order to grow as a leader, as a visionary.

Darla LeDoux: I love that. What you haven’t said is you now travel the world and lead retreats. You had a practice that was a physical space? Talk about the center and then what happened to call you to let that go?

Clare Roche: It was a retreat, Darla. I had my own center, it was a mentoring center in Ireland where I was living. And it was by the water. It was a beautiful building. And it was really the realization of a 10 year dream for me. I had worked to get towards that for a really long time. And I went to deliver my first international retreat about four and a half years ago.

And it was at the end of that retreat that I received a download that it was time to leave Ireland if I was going to grow any further in my prosperity. And I’m intuitive, I know my yes and I know my downloads. So I had to go home to my wife and say, “Well, how about this? How about we sell our home, I let go of my center, you let go of your job and we trust that my business can support us to leave Ireland and find out what’s next?”

And she was absolutely incredible. It took her about three weeks and then she was like, I’m in. We didn’t know what was next. That was the thing, we had to trust the unknowing and do what we did know. What we knew is we had to sell our home and we had to cut the ties, we had to let go of any safety blanket that we could return to our old life.

Darla LeDoux: What was that conversation like? And I’m sure a lot of our listeners, I don’t know if you know this Clare but I do a lot of my retreats with my wife, we travel together quite a lot. She’s a photographer and videographer and we have our thing of how we do retreats together. And luckily, I was already in this business when I met her so she knew what she was getting into.

But I think we have a lot of people who have a spouse or partner that they could only dream of the life you have of traveling. So you go to different places and you host there and live there and what was that conversation for you? And was she already on a journey of we don’t know what Clare’s intuition is going to bring or was that hard to receive?

Clare Roche: It was both. It was a very hard conversation for me because I had almost intuitive guilt if you like. A lot of the big changes in our life to that point used to come through me. And they were for both of us. But I would be the activation point. She’d been on a journey of deep personal development for many years but receives information differently to me.

I was very scared because I was also scared what it might do to my relationship. I had to hold the possibility that she might say, “I love that’s what you’re doing next but it’s not for me.” And then how much was I prepared to step into trusting my intuition and the calling my vision. But thankfully, we were able to find a meeting place and old testament to her incredible courage to say yes and come with me.

Darla LeDoux: Wow. That’s so beautiful. I’m just really moved by that.

Clare Roche: Thank you. And also we’ve been together for 15 years. So we had a strong and stable platform but still she had a permanent pensionable extremely well paid job that she had spent 20 years building. It was a very big deal.

Darla LeDoux: What have you learned in your own journey and also your journey with your clients? I’m sure they go through getting the download and then going, oh shit, now I have to make this change. And you said, “I had to be willing that it might not be for her and this might end.” And those are some scary choices and conversations. Which by the way are often precipitated on retreat.

People come to retreat and realize, oh no, this has to change. What have you learned about like, I’ve had enough lessons of resisting the calling and then how that goes. Versus just leaning in and ripping off the bandaid. What’s been some of your experience with that?

Clare Roche: Oh, my goodness. Yes. I now have a very fast and dynamic relationship with my intuition. I only need to hear something once and I only have to hear it very quietly and subtly and then I take action. But it wasn’t always the case. Sometimes I let things go and then I mean, something as simple as I was driving in my car and I heard sell the car.

And I was like, oh, it’s not convenient for me, I love this car, anyway, of course, it collapsed a few months later. I’ve had some very practical real-life situations like that. But for me in the past when I didn’t listen to my intuition, my life became very glitchy and difficult.

Because I’m a visionary on a path of purpose, the universe is demanding of us light leaders to continue to step towards the vision. And my life doesn’t flow well when I’m not responding in that dynamic flow and listening.

Darla LeDoux: Did you know when you were young that you had this connection?

Clare Roche: Yes, I was extremely sensitive as a child but I found the world very, very confusing and difficult. I thought adults were bonkers. Because they would say one thing but I could see that they were feeling something else. And it was very, just very strange to me. So I learnt to shut down.

But of course, as a sensitive, we can never fully shut down. So school became very difficult for me and I was bullied. And it wasn’t really, I mean, I came to massage and aromatherapy when I was 19. From there I got into yoga and then meditation it was only really into my 20s and early 30s that I fully opened up into my intuition again.

Darla LeDoux: Wow, that’s amazing. And for you what would you say was, up until the point where you left, where you sold your house and went on the road kind of transitioning into that. What was the most challenging part of transitioning out of academia and into this new world?

Clare Roche: Well, for sure it was the flow of money. The more my fear of that and my inexperience. I was projecting a lot of worry and fear into the future at that time. I wasn’t actually experiencing difficulties with money. What shocked me the most was my idea of what could go wrong.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. Well, you had seen it with your parents, it sounds like?

Clare Roche: Yes. I caused a lot of that myself through my own internal dialogue and my own internal fear. I actually could have had a much nicer experience if I could actually stay present with reality. And allow myself the space to grow because I saved up money for a year to tide me over. I wasn’t down to my bare bones, I actually gave myself a have a cushion and then left my job.

Darla LeDoux: That’s smart. I didn’t do that.

Clare Roche: It was part of creating the safety and security that I felt I needed then.

Darla LeDoux: Well, I love that you used the word inexperience because I definitely felt that. Even though I knew I had a lot of skills and I knew what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to coach for years, I was trained as a coach incorporate and I kind of got this hit that, hey, this would be amazing to do for a living.

Darla LeDoux: I’d never taken money just from something that I had created, I’d always worked in the context of a job. So inexperience is a great way to put it, just even the idea that a human would write me a check, which is what happened with my first client. It was $100 and I was dancing because I didn’t have any experience with that I had no context that that was possible.

Clare Roche: Yes, actually funnily enough, I wasn’t dancing at all. I was shaking the first time someone handed me a check.

Darla LeDoux: Say more about that?

Clare Roche: It was, as you say so unfamiliar to me. Previously, money was flowed to me through institutions that paid me a salary. And I found it very difficult to receive money coming through another person. But that’s because I didn’t have a high conscious around what the flow of money actually is. That money isn’t coming from that person to me. We have vessels for the flow of money circulation of it.

Darla LeDoux: For people listening who are in that place of thinking that person is giving me money. And a lot of times people are thinking, can they afford it? Is it their last money? Do they have more money? We manage all of that. You’re bringing another perspective about where money comes from? Can you say more if someone’s in that spot, how you’d recommend they think about it?

Clare Roche: Absolutely. Firstly, the most important thing to hold is it’s none of your business. In the early days, when I imagined what someone could or couldn’t afford, I’m in their business and I’m not seeing them in their power. And I’m not in an energy of co-creation and seeing that they could generate the resources that they need for the transformation that they want.

Firstly, you need to get out of their business and you need to get out of the way. And you need to focus on the transformation that you can provide for this person. In this sacred conversation that you have where they share with you what they’re needing, and you’re holding a space of possibility for them. It is absolutely imperative that you don’t let your mind stuff about what they can and can’t afford get in the way.

Because money will flow to you according to the frequency that you hold. And different people step in as volunteers to be channels and vessels for that money. And you really have to see the other person in their sovereign power. To be able to generate and make the choices about how they want to recirculate their money.

Darla LeDoux: Yes. Wow. That’s really powerful. If you as the coach are saying, “Oh, they probably can’t afford it.” You’re not even giving them the chance to decide, I’d like to up-level my frequency and receive more money because that might be their calling?

Clare Roche: Exactly. And what I’ve learned over the years of actually stepping into high end programs and being very uncomfortable sometimes about stretching into new price points, especially when… because I do it intuitively and I’m told and I can actually assess the frequency of a program. It’s something I do for myself and it’s something I do for clients.

I’ve been told in no uncertain terms that I have to hold the price frequency of the transformation. And if I were to lower that act of fear then you run the risk of frying people who could step into it. Not respecting actually the frequency of the transformation.

Darla LeDoux: That’s awesome. Let’s talk about, you’re in Spain right now?

Clare Roche: Yes.

Darla LeDoux: You told me. And you have your retreat coming up in Spain shortly, which is probably going to be right about when this airs, so you’ll probably be knee deep in retreat hosting.

Clare Roche: Oh, exactly.

Darla LeDoux: But your first retreat was in Spain and now you’re back here.

Clare Roche: My first international one. My first ever retreat was in Ireland in Cork by the sea.

Darla LeDoux: Okay. Tell me about when you first got like start hosting retreats, what was that journey for you? Tell me about your first experience, maybe your first one and then your first international?

Clare Roche: Yes, I had this really deep desire to run retreats but I had a lot of fear about how on earth would I fill retreats. And I didn’t feel I had the capacity to actually successfully fill a retreat. And I knew I wanted to travel as well, I knew I wanted to run them in incredible locations. And then I decided to just start where I was.

My very first retreat was a one day non residential retreat where I gathered 20 practitioners together and we did a deep dive. And I didn’t have to worry about combination, we kept it very simple and it was really that attitude of start where you are. And from that I was able to grow confidence that people actually, I could hold that space. And it was different from an event. It wasn’t an event it was definitely a retreat.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah, talk about that because you use the word deep dive, to me is what distinguishes a retreat from an event.

Clare Roche: It was all trained practitioners at the time. People who are already self-aware and could take care of themselves and each other. And we worked on abundance. That was the theme and I was running a site called abundant practitioners at the time. We went deep into the emotional and energetic work underlying people’s money stuff.

And I was willing to be vulnerable myself. And I think that paved the way for creating a lot of safety. For people to also share about their vulnerabilities around their practice. I was actually amazed. I’m sorry, I’m not sure I fully answered your question about the distinction. For me, one of the distinctions between an event and the retreat is I wasn’t giving them a lot of information. It was really 100% transformation.

 It was a chance for these people who spend their whole working lives helping others and transforming others, to come and really look at their own stuff. To be held in a space where they could actually can carve out time for themselves.

Darla LeDoux: I was willing to be vulnerable, which then let them be vulnerable. And in my world that’s the key to transformation is really… I kind of happened my way in to this world. And I was trained as a coach and in a retreat setting. There was a ton of transformational work that happened in my first training way back incorporate. And then it seemed all of the experiences and the training that I got all happened in retreat.

So I had a lot of experience myself transforming on retreat. But I didn’t really know if I could do it myself. The first thing I knew is we need immediately for them to understand this isn’t going to be a day of staying in our head and talking about things. We need to really go deep. And I think what you shared about vulnerability is exactly what signals to people oh, this is something different. And when you only have one day, you have to do that pretty quickly.

Clare Roche: Yes and we could go there quickly because they were experienced trauma practitioners and emotional health practitioners.

Darla LeDoux: That makes sense. That was one day?

Clare Roche: Yes.

Darla LeDoux: About abundance?

Clare Roche: Yes. For me, it was just so important not to wait until I could do a five-day luxury retreat in the mountains of Spain as I can now. It was so important to begin somewhere. And even then putting the deposit down on the center without knowing if anyone would come makes me laugh to think, I think I put 100 euros down on the place and I was sweating and now, of course, it runs into thousands as you know, putting deposits on retreat centers.

Darla LeDoux: Yes.

Clare Roche: But that was where I was at. That was still a big leap for me and it was the start of an amazing journey. And the leap then to international retreats after a number of years of running them in Ireland. I began my invitings of my high end clients that are already working with me. Do they want to come away with me to Spain and go to this beautiful place and do a three day deep dive?

So that was it started and I set my intention for the place and then I spent time researching. And it still came together and we went and it was magical. So the first international one for me was with existing clients.

Darla LeDoux: I love that. Often, everybody’s different. But people jump in before they even know if they can sell anything, let alone if people want this retreat and to travel and come away with them and all of that. It’s always so much easier if you’re speaking with people who already know, like and trust you.

And if your own clients aren’t interested, probably it’s going to be a tough sell but there’s some more inner alignment work to do before you go back and offer it again. I love that you just did that.

Clare Roche: Yeah, my stepping stone to that Darla was to offer immersions. I was already as part of my VIP programs taking clients away individually to spas and for two-day VIP immersion experiences. That’s important to share. That was a good bridge as well. I was already offering high end, high touch experiences.

Darla LeDoux: We want to talk a little bit about this idea that as the leader, you’re called to transform with every retreat you do. And it’s been years, you’ve done quite a few now. What overall, how have you found that to work in your life?

Clare Roche: Well, retreats are the deepest dive container that I offer. For my longest retreat is five days. For me I’ve had to grow myself in terms of being able to hold space for group in high frequency energy abroad, knowing nothing about the people sometimes. I have four people coming this time that haven’t done any work with me before. I had to be really confident in my ability to hold space no matter what happens in the retreat.

And the way I did that was really building up the years of experience of the client work, thousands of hours of experience under my belt and group circles. But then each retreat is its own magical energetic entity that requires me to step into a frequency that I can actually be the custodian of what wants to come through that retreat and the transformation. And the constellation of souls that want to gather around that.

I have to always grow myself. And the number one question I’m always asking myself when I’m preparing for retreats is, who do I need to become to deliver this? To deliver the promise and the highest potential of this retreat?

Darla LeDoux: You started hosting retreats regularly and you’ve done quite a few of them. And we are talking about transforming the leader or who you have to become really to hold space for your retreat. And Clare, I’m thinking about earlier you said, “Years ago I used to have clients who had this but now I have different clients.” We both know that as we grow as leaders, who our clients are even shifts, right?

Clare Roche: Absolutely.

Darla LeDoux: And each group is asking for something different to come through. Can you talk a little bit about that, both from a standpoint of what’s been your experience of some of the challenging up levels you’ve navigated? And then also for other retreat leaders, how can they plan for that and know that that’s going to happen?

Clare Roche: Yes. Because of the way I create retreats, I create them intuitively, I receive them as vision, as downloads and then I see myself as a custodian of them. So it’s my job to grow to become the person who can birth this in the world. And to also assemble the constellation of souls that want to co-create with me.

Some of the challenges have been for me, I mean, to be honest the most challenging year I’ve had running retreats was last year. My mom died at Christmas and I did not want to be out in the world during the outreach piece of connecting with other people in the world to tell them that the retreat was on. And to invite them into it. It was incredibly challenging for me. I did not want to be visible, I did not want to be out giving in any way.

And I had to really learn how to surrender even more deeply into trusting that everything would happen as it was meant to. That I was completely supported, that I wouldn’t have received a download to run a retreat if it wasn’t in my highest good. So, of course, it asked me to step deeper into all the things that I was needing to teach on that retreat.

I had to trust my guidance, I had to surrender more deeply. And I had to let go of any straining or pushing, because I simply didn’t have the emotional energy and capacity to do that. And it was such a beautiful experience actually in the end. Earlier in the year my guides came and visited me. I was at my computer was really finding it tough and they said, “It’s okay. We can take this retreat from you and give it to someone else.” And boy, did they know me well, because I was like, no, I’m going to do it.

It was like dangling in front of me. And so I was just really honest about that. Even whilst I was delivering the retreat, I was honest that I was in a very vulnerable space that year. And people that came and the depth that we all went to and the love that was in the room. And of course a lot of people came with mother issues to be healed. So of course it was all completely perfect.

But that was my most difficult experience of personal deep grief. And at the same time being asked to continue to step out in the world, it felt really challenging.

Darla LeDoux: Wow, that’s an amazing story. There’s several things I want to ask about. One is this idea of here I am, I’m not maybe in my best energy. And were you close with your mom?

Clare Roche: Very.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. I have this gap in my life. And I’m being asked to put myself out there. And you said, “I just really didn’t want to do the parts of going out and telling people the retreat was on, and I didn’t want to be giving in any way.” Which makes perfect sense to me. And I think people whether they have something up in their world or not have some of those thoughts of like, it feels it’s a lot to go out and invite people to change their lives.

There’s a lot that goes on for people in terms of the giving and receiving of that and the energy of the invite and feeling we need to be on and make it sound amazing. And yet you went and did it even in your grief. How did it go?

Clare Roche: The retreats or the outreach process?

Darla LeDoux: The outreach.

Clare Roche: I just had to really trust, I got a bit demanding actually of my guides and said, “You need to bring me the opportunities to connect me with the exact souls who need to be here. And they need to be really nourishing experiences for both of us.” And I only responded to the requests that I felt most juicy about. And that I could really honestly show up fully as I was.

And in a way, it was an extension Darla. So when we were speaking earlier about vulnerability because there came a point in my career when I had previously been misunderstanding leadership. I thought leadership was to appear like you had everything sorted, like you had the answers. And then there was a shift for me many years ago, where I realized that’s not a model of leadership that I believe in.

And I wanted to liberate myself from appearing to have anything together. I was the model of leadership that I had, forgive me for not knowing who said it. But it was not someone who says, “I know the answers follow me.” It’s someone who says, “I’ll go first. And I’ll let you know how it goes.” And for me was liberating because from that moment, I’ve always shown up as, we are all stepping into an unknown world.

We are all literally downloading the new and bringing through and all models of business of transformation are shifting moment by moment. And we literally have to channel through the new solutions for our world. So none of us truly know. And so you have to get comfortable with being in the unknowing and being one of the people says, “I’m actually really good at catching the new, and I’m going to go out there and I’m going to share it with you. And my life is as much as an experiential play playground as yours is.” It was so incredibly liberating for me.

Darla LeDoux: I love that. My life is as much of an experiential playground as yours is. That’s so freeing.

Clare Roche: Exactly. I have no interest appearing to be completely polished and have it all together and truly anyone who thinks that they can be is not playing at the boundaries of possibility for our world.

Darla LeDoux: I just read a post on this today and shared my experience. It was someone who’s a leader in our space who was experiencing a physical health issue, and feeling hesitant to even share about it. Because of how people might judge not having it all together. And not the same. But in a similar vein, I injured my shoulder a few years ago.

And I knew it was a message, my right shoulder and overdoing and carrying things for people and all of these things. And I did a lot of physical healing on it and actually going to a lot of physical healers was very educational for me. But I also had a lot of emotional work to do around it and it was very visible. I couldn’t lift my arm. And I had a lot of embarrassment of like, okay, it’s so obvious that I’ve got shit to work through.

And it was this feeling of embarrassment and hurry up and fix it. And then I had to so surrender that and just release the timing that I thought it should happen in and like, Okay universe, I got the lessons can I get my shoulder back now. And so in the space where I had my shoulder injury, I had a retreat. And I got sick also on the day before and it was the best retreat ever, because I really let spirit do the work. And I think I’ve gotten that lesson a few times. You know, you’re not that important here, chill out.

Clare Roche: You assembled the people, well done. Now we’re going to do the work.

Darla LeDoux: Exactly. But that stops people a lot is that feeling of, I have to have the perfect content and the perfect venue. And one of my favorite client’s stories is someone who had booked this fancy venue in Hawaii and was having a really hard time filling it. And she ended up negotiating an out from her agreement. And she hosted it instead of in Ohio. Down the street from where she lived and it was amazing and inexpensive and profitable.

Clare Roche: Yeah. There’s so much alchemy that goes into a deep transformational experience. And yes, the surroundings are a big part of that. But equally, I’ve been on retreats where the surroundings are magnificent but the retreat hosts weren’t able to hold the space for the transformation that was promised.

So as much as I was enjoying the scenery, it was much more important for me that the person delivering was able to hold the frequency. I think if anyone is troubled by that, being judged for not having it all together or how the retreat looks from the outside. The more you can be a custodian of the retreat like, this isn’t you and isn’t yours even to it from a spiritual perspective. Be an advocate for it and become the person who can shepherd it through. Bring your focus back there every time.

Darla LeDoux: Beautiful.

Clare Roche: And do your best with everything else.

Darla LeDoux: Because you’re making me think of, I had Liz Gilbert speak at one of our events a couple years ago. And I don’t do big events anymore but that was a highlight. And she talked about in her book Big Magic, she talks about an idea will visit you and if you don’t act on it, that it’ll go to someone else.

And she shares such a profound story of evidence of this. Of someone who basically wrote the same novel she had abandoned. I love that your guide said that to you like, hey, it’s okay, well bring it somewhere else.

Clare Roche: Divine ideas are wanted to be birthed in the world. And they will search out the containers, the vessels that are the right frequency to pass them through. And so our only job is to become more and more available to what’s wanting to be birthed in the world.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. And someone could take that to say, “Oh no, I have to be better. I have to be a better frequency.” But there are things that need to be birthed at all the levels. Would you agree with that?

Clare Roche: Absolutely. Which is why when I was seeing clients in a little room in a yoga center in London, that was the frequency I could bring through and that was so needed. And I did great work doing that. But there were so many more layers of learning who I was and what I was here for.

And I needed to step up to the next one so that the next level of light workers could come up underneath to do their work with the general public. I don’t work with the general public anymore.

Darla LeDoux: Yes.

Clare Roche: And each of us translate in our own way. There’s no lack, wherever you are just trust that you are transmitting what someone else needs to hear through you.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah. And you don’t have to sound like anybody else.

Clare Roche: Exactly. It’s an invitation to growth but it’s definitely not to be used as a stick to beat yourself with.

Darla LeDoux: Yes. Thank you for that.

Clare Roche: Use it as a calling not as a chance to feel inadequate.

Darla LeDoux: Beautiful. You’ve talked a lot about the frequency. And I talk about something I call unlocking the soul of your retreat. And it’s like, until that’s born you don’t know who’s supposed to be there or exactly what the content is. And my first retreat, I had 182 PowerPoint slides. I was not in a place of just allowing.

And I was trying to fit in all the slides and also all the allowing. So it was a lot. We had a lot happening but it worked. It was right for the people who were there. It was perfect. What advice would you give someone around tending to the frequency? And then also because we only have so much time to cover here. You have a gift for people around that. Can you talk a little bit about how people could think about that?

Clare Roche: Yes, this is also very particular to me because I am a channel and a multi sensory intuitive. And actually what I’m here to do on this planet is to up level the frequency and capacity of visionary leaders. It is actually my path to become a master at tending to the frequency of my retreats. But more generally, I’d love to give some advice that would sit more generally with people.

Clearing the space. And this can be done in many ways but really planting the intention of the highest possibility for the retreat into everything you do. So every email you send, every conversation, everything that you plan at the retreat space. If you don’t know how to work energy, let your intention do the work.

Ask that the space will be exactly right for the people to maximize their transformation. Anyone can do that, the power of intention will work however energy sensitive you are.

Darla LeDoux: That’s such great advice.

Clare Roche: So don’t worry if you don’t know how to set the energy. Pay attention to how you hold an impeccable intention that everything that happens will be for the highest good. And then trust everything that shows up, any tiny thing. When I go on retreat myself, I hold such a fierce field of abundance and possibility that from the moment I sign up and pay, I’m watching everything.

I know that anything could hold the energy of the retreat and be a teacher for me. We’re getting in a taxi at four o’clock in the morning to go to the airport. I could have a conversation that would show me one of my money blocks if I’m going on an abundance retreat. I become very alert. It’s the same when you’re hosting. Don’t get into fighting with reality of what’s happening on your retreat, either at the retreat or in the preparation phase. Trust that it’s all either teaching you or serving your participants towards the promise of the retreat.

Darla LeDoux: Yes. Because it doesn’t always look like rainbows and butterflies.

Clare Roche: No, absolutely. All kinds of crazy things can happen. Especially when you do international retreats in tropical countries.

Darla LeDoux: That sounds like there’s a story there.

Clare Roche: It is all, as long as you can hold that field of trust. And this is where the experience is such a godsend. The experience of running retreats and actually being able to surrender to the process. If anyone’s wondering how to grow an experience, just get started. Start where you are. Practice trusting, surrendering and being a custodian of the promise of this retreat and then grow yourself and retreats from there.

Darla LeDoux: Yeah, it’s not like you have to grow to be somewhat different before you start?

Clare Roche: No. The retreats will grow you. Whatever you need to grow into in order to be the host of this retreat, it will come before you. Whether that’s emotional or capacity based or energetic or logistical. Every time you step into delivering your next container of transformation, everything that you need to be in integrity with that, it will cross your path and you just trust that you can deal with whatever presents. And get the right support to deal with that too.

Darla LeDoux: Yes, there’s definitely been times in my journey where something’s happening and I’m thinking it’s a real problem. And my coach is like, oh yeah, of course that happened. Here’s what that signifies or what do you think that means? And I made it such a big issue and it really wasn’t.

Clare Roche: Yes, exactly.

Darla LeDoux: Talk a little bit about the gifts that you have for people?

Clare Roche: Yes, thank you, I have prepared a guided meditation for everyone. And it’s called Visioning Your Retreat with the Angels. It’s a 15 minute guided meditation that connects all the listeners with some key angelic guides that I use when creating my retreats. And some of the early questions that I sit in meditation with, when I want to catch the vision of the next retreat. Or when I can sense something coming through me.

Rather than creating from our heads is what we would actually like to deliver. This is a process where people can actually allow the vision to come to them intuitively. So allow a the soul of the retreat to speak through the meditator and to receive what retreat wants to be birthed as in the world.

Darla LeDoux: That is so amazing. Thank you so much for putting that together for our listeners.

Clare Roche: Oh, it’s my pleasure. It’s just my favorite thing to do. Thank you for inviting me.

Darla LeDoux: I’m really excited to listen, I have a retreat I’m in the midst of planning right now. So, awesome. Clare, is there anything you want to leave people with? You’ve got this life where you’re traveling and you’re hosting retreats in different countries and following where you’re guided and what would you want to leave people with about this?

Clare Roche: Listen and trust yourself above anything else. If you have learnt a strategy about retreats or someone has told you what works above all, really drop into your own guidance and follow the seed of what you are being called to. Because there is the creative spark of possibility. That is something completely new might wanting to become through you.

Darla LeDoux: I love that. Love it so much. Thank you Clare. Thank you so much for being here and sharing your brilliance and have an amazing retreat.

Clare Roche: Oh, thank you so much. And you to Darla. I’d love to hear what’s going to be birthing next through you.

Darla LeDoux: Yes, I’m so excited. This way of working everyone of partnering with source as you co-create your retreat is the most exciting way to live. And I love this idea of being a custodian. I’m going to hold on to that image as well.

That’s our episode for today in the transforming the leaders series. If you got a nugget of value, please go comment on our thread over on the Retreat and Grow Rich Facebook page. And there you can find a link also to connect with Clare. We’ll see you in the next episode. Bye everyone.

Clare Roche: Bye bye.

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