Have you ever had a downturn or a gap in your business? You know, things are moving right along and then the flow stops. Or you’ve been systematically building your website, opt-in gift, and your first offering, complete with “buy now” button…


No one buys now!

And you want to panic. You begin to question how you got here and why you are in business in the first place. And suddenly you’re in fear, and from the place of fear you can’t see your way to the next step.

I’ve been there. I’m sure you have too.

So here’s what you need to know. In business you will “fail” more often than you succeed. Here’s what will save you a whole bunch of stress: knowing you can trust your creativity to carry you through to the next level.

With that, you cannot go wrong.

Trust: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person or thing; confidence; confident expectation of something; hope.

Creativity: the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination.

If you can trust yourself to be able to transcend the pattern and create a new interpretation, you will ALWAYS be able and willing to shift your results.

See, you have the solution within you. You wouldn’t have a desire to get the result in your heart if the way to fulfill that desire weren’t here now. But you can’t quit. And with the right trust, you won’t.

Here are the three levels of trust that you need:

  1. Trust in your desire. Do you believe that what you say you want is what you truly want? It’s not unusual for people to second-guess their desire. Either we think we shouldn’t want so much, or the moment it doesn’t come easily we decide “it must not be meant to be.” Nonsense! You just need to get creative! You’re simply resisting something that’s trying to come into your world. Nothing more, nothing less. This is why we always say the “why” is so important in business. The “why” is the desire you’re here to fulfill. Trust your desire!
  2. Trust your talent. You have to know that the seed of desire planted in you wouldn’t be there if you didn’t have the talent to deliver on the desire. Chances are if you are not getting the result it’s because you are trusting external sources above your own creative knowing and your own innate talent. Use a coach as a guide to draw it out of you and help you think it through, but trust the talent YOU were given. It’s in there.
  3. Trust source. When you get a ‘bad’ result, you’ve got to begin immediately looking for what’s right, or wherein lies the opportunity. The result is ALWAYS there to show you something. There is always something better around the corner, and unseen forces are just waiting to come to your aid and show it to you. But you need to trust that no matter what the current short-term results is saying, you can’t lose in the long term. Allow source to guide your creative thinking.

I was speaking with a client this week who had experienced huge breakthroughs in her actions in her business – began publishing her blog, booked and spoke brilliantly at awesome gigs, yet she wasn’t quite getting the results she wanted.

At the same time, she began having nagging thoughts and strange ‘signals’ in her world about someone in her life. A song lyric here, a familiar symbol there. She noticed the signs but didn’t trust their direction.

When we looked we saw that she was worried this person would not approve of her business, and that fear was keeping her from actually stepping up.

Her desire to take the stage is real. Her talent is absolutely real – her writing always inspires me. And she needed to trust source to help her heal her leading edge of growth.

How solid is your trust? Where do you need to grow this week?


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