Truth Like a Freight TrainI’ve followed my Truth this far, but it’s getting scarier.

I’ve outgrown clients, lifestyles, and entire groups of people.

Yet it doesn’t stop.

I feel bitchy just writing this.

Who do I think I am to say I’ve “outgrown” anything?

Outgrown, out paced, or grown tired.  Or perhaps just out of resonance?

No matter.  I’m out.

The next transition has already taken root.

I’m not sure where it is taking me, but I can feel the next level forming within.

I know all it takes is a handful of decisions on my part – maybe just one – to take me to the next level of resonance.

It will be a hell of a ride, guaranteed.

But even now I’m scared to get on.

Have you felt this?

It’s like a freight train… aligning with Truth.

When you choose to run your business this way that’s how it feels anyway.  One bold point of view gets discovered and you’re off to the races.

And it’s scary because you can leave people in the dust.  Yet you know you can’t live with yourself if you just watch the train leave without you.

The train… it’s your brand.  Your unique brand of Truth.  Your unique brand of value.  Aligning with the real you means permanent transformation.  It means never having to be a different person in front of anyone.  Ever.  And it will feel absolutely out of control when you first step into it.  But if you can embrace the ride and trust its path, on the other side of that decision is pure freedom.

My brand is about personal Truth.  Believe yourself and no one else.  To step into it, I’ve had to stop listening to some of the people I’ve listened to before and put myself into an environment that honors my Truth.  I’ve had to start making decisions WITH NO OTHER OPINION, and put them into action un-validated.  And everything in me longs to go back to the world where I was OK being within the bubble of someone else’s opinion.  Walking away from the safety net is scary.  But the train always takes you toward something new.  Get on your Truth train!

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