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If you’ve ever been referred to as a “renaissance soul”, or found yourself wanting to try ALL kinds of things (in business and in life), be sure to catch this episode.

Today I got the opportunity to chat with my beautiful friend Caroline Gardheim. She is an entrepreneur for twenty years, the founder of the membership program Shine Your Light Sisterhood and the Swedish company Kreativ Insikt (Creative Insight), designing inspirational books and products, an author of 20+ books, one translated into English (Unleash Your Creative Spirit – The Guide to Building Your Dream Life), Priestess, Shaman, MBA economist and certified coach with the mission to supporting creative women with heart who want to be leaders, for themselves and others, in the Era of the Soul, to rise to their potential and shine all of their light in the world.

Carolina lives in the beautiful archipelago of Stockholm, Sweden, together with her husband and their two sons, where she loves to paint, write novels that never leave her desk drawers and always win at a family game of cards. She leads about 5 to 6 retreats in different formats, for between 5-200 people, every year, in Sweden, Italy and the UK.


So many, times when we say, I want to have another diploma, have another certification, it’s more of a way from our ego, to postpone doing our thing and when you look at it, you can actually start right now. ” 

During our time together we dig into:

  • The new, creative ways she’s using her MBA
  • Why she was inclined to shut her creativity down
  • What lead to her burn out at 30 years old
  • How she bounced back from that place and started creating a life she loves
  • The wakeup call that led her to reinvent her life
  • Why she views ADHD as her superpower
  • Her journey from the corporate world to entrepreneurship
  • How retreats have changed the way she works with her clients
  • What it took for her to accept that she is a shaman
  • Bringing her “woo” side into the business world
  • And more!

Also, learn about the impactful shifts she made when recovering from her illness and burn out. These are tools anyone can use when designing an aligned lifestyle.

Finally, be sure to download your free copy of her eBook, Calling Women With Heart in the Era of the Soul to Step into Leadership & Service, with articles from women leaders and entrepreneurs talking about our time and the importance of women stepping into service and leadership. Get your copy here →

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