We were staying on the 7th floor of the Mandalay Bay. For the first time I was grateful for a room without a view. My wife’s video client had a speaking engagement and she was filming at the hotel who’s shot out windows have haunted our televisions since the shooting earlier this month.

I had said ‘yes’ at the last minute to joining her for the trip before learning that our venue was the scene of the crime. It was an eerie feeling as we pulled up Sunday night to the valet.

I was immediately heartened by the attitude of the valet who was brimming with positive energy. And in fact, that positive energy continued with most every interaction throughout the trip.

The tone was definitely less “Vegas” than usual, with a clear sense that people were paying their respects. Yet there was also a profound energy of healing that was present. The love in the space was palpable.

Part of what had had me take the opportunity to drive from LA to Vegas for a two day trip was that my team member recently relocated to Las Vegas, and I was excited for the possibility of spending the day in-person tuning into our vision for 2018 and prioritizing our projects. To be doing this in the very location where tragedy and healing were so strongly taking place was profound for us.

Because at the end of the day, alignment is healing and healing is alignment. Our mission for 2018 is to expand the reach of our message and that of the Aligned Entrepreneurs in our tribe.

This is not simply to grow the business (though to be clear, more money in the hands of people like us in the world is a very good thing). Our work to normalize transformation on the planet is about something much bigger than that. As we brainstormed and planned in a cabana at the pool of the Mandalay Bay, we could feel it.

We created a company vision board and it included the following cover from the local magazine:

Why is there so much violence and anger and hate on the planet? Because there is so much healing yet to do. It takes big human beings to do the work of healing for themselves and the entire planet. That is who you are in the world, and we honor you.

And how do we wrap our mind around all of the lives that are being cut short so early right now, and the families who are left to find healing in the wake? There is both an earthly and a spiritual interpretation of this.

From a spiritual perspective, all is unfolding for our good. We are receiving the wake-up call. That which has been suppressed is coming forward to heal.

On an earthly plane it is almost impossible to be with the senselessness.

On our first day in Vegas I sent healing energy to the staff at the Mandalay Bay. On our second day we visited the site of the concert where all those people died. Kimmi and I, both healers at heart, continue each day to discover more of how we’re meant to use those gifts. We were overwhelmed by the energy at the site. Both from replaying the images we’d seen on the news and imagining being in the experience, to feeling the energy of the departed souls.

I will save the experiences we had with the energy of the souls except to say it was strong and palpable. I got that some were prepared for their next adventure and others were still in resistance to moving on. I also got that those that are ready will be working in our favor in the healing of our nation.

What I will share is that Spirit told me so clearly, in reiteration of the work my team and I did in our visioning work, the following two things:

  • The more we heal in this lifetime, by consciously doing the work of transformation, the greater the impact we’ll have when we leave this planet. We will more quickly accept and embrace our further work as a soul.
  • The space and time to speak authentically and powerfully from a place of our truth should never be taken for granted.

When my stepdad passed away I was changed forever. He was taken suddenly (3 months of fighting cancer). I had not taken the time to really SEE him fully, to ask the questions I wanted to ask, and to share my truth with him, before he was diagnosed. Once he was diagnosed, the time was spent focused on treatment plans and thinking positively. I didn’t understand then that connection is healing. That Truth Talk heals both emotionally and physically.

Sitting at the crime scene I imagined the families who’d lost their loved ones. What if they had known this was coming? What would they have done differently with their people? What would they have said or asked to create closure and bring peace?

What if we had those conversations now?

It is still suspect to me that the shooter’s motive is unclear and his mental state is not accounted for. This makes it so much harder to put the experience in a box and file it away. Perhaps, spiritually, this is why it happened this way. Because when we can reason something away we can live with it. When we can’t, it continues to get our attention.

We don’t know what is going on inside another person unless we ask, unless we share ourselves, unless we see and hear them.

I KNOW after leading countless retreats, and attending them, and hearing about the transformation in my client’s retreats, the work of creating a safe space for people to speak their Truth matters. It is how we heal. When we learn to recognize Truth in ourselves we can see and hear it in others. This is an education worth getting, period.

If you or someone you know needs the space to tune into your Truth, please let us know. If our retreats don’t specialize in what you need, we absolutely know how to connect you with those that do. Don’t wait to break the ice with your children, your spouse, your friends, that coworker down the hall. Find the courage to know how to bring Truth wherever you go. This is how we heal. There is goodness all around us, and inside us. Be relentless in your quest to let it out.

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