There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when circumstance permit. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results. – Unknown



I have to begin this post by saying I am inspired by the people I’ve been working with this week who are all about getting in action and making NOW the time that they do what ever it takes.  You are showing up big-time, and I honor you!

Now, I’ve also had many folks let me know about all of the reasons that they can’t make it happen right now.  People who are continuing to struggle on the hamster wheel, and wishing for things to be different, yet when opportunity shows up to truly make change, the reasons get in the way.  “That’s not really a good time for me to be creating the life I love and having my wildest dreams come true.  Maybe next week?”

Now, of course, there are lots of things that can be going on in this scenario.  There is fear of having what we want.  There is a deep belief that we won’t really follow through, or that it isn’t really possible for us.  “That level of success is for other people, not me.”  But these beliefs can be dealt with.

I am talking about the “I can’t make 5-figures this week, I have to wash my hair” type of reasoning that we just accept from ourselves and others, day in and day out in our

culture. I truly want to know, when is the convenient time to create success on your terms?

I can remember when I used to buy into such thoughts for myself.  I had a continual feeling that my schedule owned me, and anytime someone asked me to do something, I very quickly resisted, energetically… the wall went up.  If it was something for someone else, I would then juggle my schedule to fit it in because I always wanted to please.  But if it was an opportunity for me, that I knew would truly make a difference in my life, I was overwhelmed by the idea of fitting it in.  Thank goodness I rewired the mechanisms that had me operate like that!

My business has been built on saying “yes” to the right opportunities in my growth journey, then figuring out how to make it work.  (And, of course, being able to say “no” to opportunities that are not a fit.)  I am heading to the Be The Change event at the end of March.  It is not one bit convenient.  I had rearrange my life.  But I know it is a step on my journey to show up in that environment, so I committed.  This is just one of many examples in my world.

Saying “yes” or “no” is powerful.  “Maybe later” with a lot of circumstantial reasoning is complete disempowerment.  And that is for another discussion.  Today, I ask you to begin to listen to the reasons you give for delaying your success.  Do you like them?  Are they a true reflection of your real commitments in life, or are they a manifestion of an old habit that you’d like to break?

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