There’s something about an Aligned Entrepreneur. A depth, a confidence, a clarity, a solidness, that invites a sense of trust and quickly establishes expertise.

You’ve felt it, too, right?

Are you feeling it right now in your business, or are you in one of those phases of uncomfortable growth?

You will never have it all together. You will never have it all perfect. I could take a minute and list out the imperfections in my business but things are still moving right along as intended.

You really do have to get comfortable being uncomfortable to grow the business of your dreams. You must master being able to move ahead even if not everything is perfect.

That said, if everything feels in flux and nothing in your business feels solid, there is a level of “uncomfortable” that no longer works.

So, without going perfectionist on me, I want you to ask yourself – what do I MOST need in place right now to feel solid in what I am selling? This is going to be different for everybody. Make a list of everything that feels UNFINISHED or UNCLEAR in your business right now, and determine which will make the biggest difference in making you feel whole.

Cross out the ones that you wrote down because you think you “should” be doing them even though you have no real commitment to them.

I’m going to share a list of some possible steps to becoming “solid” that I see often. And here is the thing. Your coach can help you to get clear about which of these are needs for you, and how to approach it, but we can’t if we don’t know that you’re not feeling solid or you’re not already doing them. You’ve got to take that into your own hands!

1.Get your money house in order.
If you are not clear about what is coming in and what is going out and what you actually need to be “successful” on your terms, it can be hard to feel solid. You may constantly have the “never enough” feeling in your business and continue to scramble for clients that you may not even need. OR, you may delay your marketing action because some other emergency comes up and you are not present to the fact that not acting means not eating this month!
2.Design the package that your clients most need.
If you are waiting for your clients to tell you what you need, you will not feel solid as the expert.If you are offering a package that someone told you to offer (even your coach), but you haven’t taken time to think it through, integrate into your own point of view, and consciously DECIDE to go do it, you won’t feel solid. Take some time to walk through on paper the pain your client is in at the start, and the benefits you deliver, and ask yourself these questions:

How much time is it going to take to get them from point A to point B?

How much active time of me working and how much time in between for them to get the result?

What tools can I develop and give to them to help them get the result in the fastest way?

What is the value of that result to them?

3.Design a “signature system” that represents “your way” of helping clients, and infuse your personality.
Perhaps you don’t feel solid in what you are offering because it is so closely aligned to what others are doing that you are missing some part of ‘you’ in what you are offering?OR you haven’t actually taken time to think through what you will do with a client when you have one.I generally advise people to work with at least 6 clients before developing some sort of a “system” for what they do, because in my experience it will change as you get real clients on board and see what works.That said, if you know you are highly uncomfortable with that level of ambiguity and self-trust and you want to think it through in advance, here’s what to do:

  • Set aside a day to develop it (more time is often indulgent)
  • Think of 3 clients you have worked with, 3 people you know that you wish were clients, or 3 imaginary people who would fit your ideal client profile.
  • Walk through on paper every step you would take with each them to get them to the destination they desire. What will you actually DO, what do they need to LEARN or REALIZE, and what has to HAPPEN?
  • Look at the commonalities among the three people in those steps – that is the basis for your signature system.(We cover this in detail in my Biz School for Aligned Entrepreneurs – that is the quick version.)
4.Think through the most common objections they might have to buying, and get clear about your point of view about them.
If you don’t have a clear point of view about the reasons people give you NOT to buy your product or service, you won’t have power in working them through it.You may wish to spend an hour writing down each of the reasons people have given or may give for not working with you. Turn them on their head and think about other potential viewpoints for what they are saying.Use these questions as prompts:

  • If I knew what they were telling me weren’t true, what might be true instead?
  • If I knew their ego was giving me this response, and not them, then what?
  • If I trusted with 100% certainty that they had come to me for a purpose, how might I respond?
  • If I trusted with 100% certainty that I could deliver on the result they desire, then how would I respond?
  • If this reason was actually a signal that they are NOT my ideal client, how might I explore that with them?
  • If this reason is simply reflecting back to me the ways I, myself, keep myself from having what I want, what action do I need to take?
  • How could I use curious questions such as, “How true is that, really?” “Why are you asking that question?” or “What if that no longer stopped you?” to move past this objection with confidence.
  • How might knowing that the reason they give for saying “no” is the actual issue they have in their life change my response?
5.Create a calendar system that works for you.
It is amazing the difference some simple calendar tools can make in helping you feel solid.When you know what you need to be doing when, you can do it with 100% presence. It also gives the people who work with you the sense that you are a professional who values your time – and it makes it easier for them to work with you and plan for your work.Here’s a blog I wrote a while back about how to do this:
6.Create a “welcome packet” that is systemized with a specific procedure for sending.
If you don’t have a solid system for welcoming new clients that you do every time, 100% of the time, that works for you and inspires them, some part of you is going to resist bringing them in.I use a combination of technology (autoresponder messages in Infusionsoft with forms, questionnaires, and program details) and my Lead Support Coaching (for scheduling and sending welcome cards, etc.) to ensure that a new client knows what to do, what to expect, and feels excited to join our tribe. I also personally use a folder system for each of my clients, and I have that ready to go (X empty folders with labels for X new clients – I know I’m not 100% embracing technology!)If you don’t have a system in place for these things (especially taking money) and/or you don’t have the time blocked off in your schedule to make it happen, you won’t feel solid when the client says “yes.”
7.Gather Evidence
Whatever work you are doing, if you are not feeling solid in it yet, gather evidence about how great you are!What might this look like? I know you are doing what you’re doing for a reason. Even if you are in a brand new business, you have experience in doing what you are doing somewhere along the way – that’s why you’re here.If you’re not convinced of this, spend an afternoon gathering evidence. Evidence can come in a few forms:

  • Testimonials from current or past clients with tangible results.
  • Testimonials from former coworkers who have seen you exhibit the skill you are currently selling.
  • Testimonials from friends who know your skillset and/or character.
  • Data or research on the need for the service you offer (e.g. X% of people struggle with Y.)
  • Data or research about the difference it makes to have the result you offer (e.g. Data for the Energy Leadership Index I use shows that a 0.5 increase in energy level equates to a 20% increase in financial success or if you are health coach – People who are overweight are X% less likely to get hired for a job than people who aren’t.)
  • Quantify your own results. (When I made X change in my life/business, it resulted in Y% more ___money, clients, sex___)
8.Develop your faith in Universal Law.
If you don’t yet have evidence in the result you offer, I recommend that you develop faith in the reason you are doing it, and faith in the Universal Laws that govern us as human beings. Before I knew exactly HOW my clients would produce the results they desire, I had faith that it was possible. And it wasn’t because of my exceptional skill in knowing everything Smiley Face. It was my faith in the law – specifically the Law of Polarity. “Where the desire is present, the way to fulfill it is also present.” Trusting this, I trusted that spirit would reveal the way to us as we held the intention to see it. It works every time.My belief in the Law also helped me to know that each person I connected with was in front of me for a reason – we’d attracted each other. My job wasn’t to manipulate anything, it was simply to discover what that reason was, and stand for it.

If I was running into struggle and not receiving what I had intended, I looked to laws like the Law of Compensation and the Law of Receiving to guide me. (I highly recommend Raymond Holliwell’s “Working with the Law” as a daily study).

9.Embrace your Profit Style.
Leaving behind your “Circumstance Cindy,” “Patty Proven,” or “Accepting Annie” in favor of your Profit Style, can help guide your daily decisions and adjust your viewpoint of your business so that you are always CREATING that which feel solid for you – simply because you decide to.If you missed it – the Profit Styles are “Sally Service,” “Empowering Emily,” and “Connection Connie.” I’ll include their profiles in a future article.

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, right? Which of these 9 areas will you choose to address to increase your alignment, feel solid, and make sales from a new place in your business… without going perfectionist of course!


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