There is an old Subaru radio ad that goes something like this:

“Sometimes when you want to make a statement, you wear it on a T-shirt. Other times on a bumper sticker. And sometimes it’s the car you drive…”

It goes on to talk about how Subaru drivers are the type of people who care about the environment and making the world a better place, and then announced an event they are holding in which they make a donation for each car purchased.

Subaru was cultivating a tribe of followers with a specific point of view. They are creating differentiation for their brand by standing for something. They also happened to be having a sale, but that was not the main focus of their communication. They were saying, “hey, ideal customer, we’ve created something special just for people like you.”

From Badge of Honor to Revolution

In my corporate days, I worked in the beverage industry, and we talked about your brand of beverage being like your “badge.” The single serve drink you carried around with you said something about you – whether it be Starbucks, Diet Dr. Pepper, or Red

What’s your badge of honor? What do you stand for that would make your clients proud to say they are a part of your tribe?

I’m cultivating a tribe of “Aligned Entrepreneurs.” In fact, I’ve declared that I’m starting a revolution, and my tribe is a big part of that. You are all people that do the “real work” of getting aligned within yourself so that you are consistent, reliable, and powerful business owners who are taking a bold stand to make a difference in the world. You love yourself, your clients, and your work. And you are creating a life that works for YOU.

My point of view on the revolution is most clearly communicated on my “Mission” page on my website, and is woven through everything I do.

What is the revolution that you are leading?

Mission-Driven Communication

Hugh MacLeod says, “The market for something to believe in is infinite.”

When people buy your service, they are not just buying a service, they are buying you, your badge of honor, what you stand for, your “revolution”. They are buying something they believe in.

As our economy breaks down and gets rebuilt in new (I believe more effective) ways, we see people more and more spending their dollars according to their values. This makes having a mission in your business, a something to believe in, more critical now than ever. We are taking stock of what matters most as a society.

How does what you offer in your business go beyond just a transaction into a declaration of value and belief?

And, more importantly, how do you then communicate that to your Ideal Clients so they “get it” at a glance?

Making it Easy

The Subaru ad, in my opinion, wasn’t particularly clever or trendy. It was pretty straightforward and simple. But I heard it. It spoke directly to people with a point of view. And it made it clear and easy – buy our car and we’ll make a donation.

Is your stand for the world clear and simple? Do people recognize it when they see it? Can they easily “get it” at their core?

Are you making it clear and simple for prospects to take action? Do they know exactly what to do to get started with you? (e.g. sign up for your free gift, schedule a strategy session, start with your signature program…)?

People buy for emotional reasons, then go back and justify their decision with logic. Are you making it easy for them to decide based on that gut feel to take action, or are you complicated things by making them search for the next step, predict their investment based on hourly fees and the like?

Start With Your Point of View

If you can’t describe your point of view (I call this your Clarity Point™) in a few sentences, stop right now and create it. What do you believe in, that you believe really works, that you stand for as your clear POV in your business? If you’re not sure, I’d love to help you to do that.

Your tribe is waiting for you.

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