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Today’s guest, Dawn Kaiser, inspires audiences around the world.

She calls herself a leapoligest (more about that later!), and specializes in helping others find their courage zone.

Dawn Kaiser specializes in energizing, encouraging and equipping individuals to step out of their comfort zone and into the courage zone in order to pursue their God-sized dreams. For many years she tipped toed into exploring her dream of being an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and coach, but it wasn’t until a complete stranger told her that it was “her time to shine” did she dare to take a leap of faith and go all in and she has never looked back.

Dawn believes that when everyday people pursue extraordinary dreams they discover everlasting joy. She is on a mission to set the world on fire with joy and help others go beyond a life of fine to a life of flourishing! She loves serving God-sized dreamers and soulpreneurs by empowering them to leap into their calling and make their wildest someday dreams a today reality!  

Dawn has her ME, ACS, ALS, PHR, SHRM-CP and a whole host of other alphabet letters, all which boil down to mean that she has experience in HR, education, leadership, and communication.  She has been in the HR/OD Training field and speaking for over seventeen years. She is a joy junkie who loves to spread delight wherever she goes!

I’m so excited for you to hear Dawn’s message. She truly spreads joy no matter where she goes–and our chat today was no exception.

Joy is a choice. And so, how you approach your corporate job or your entrepreneurial job, it all comes down to your choice every single moment.

During our conversation, we covered her story, how a complete stranger flipped her career track on its head, and what the most common misconceptions about leaps of faith are.

We also discussed:

  • Her 10, rapid-fire questions to help dreamers find their top 5 passions.
  • What stops most people from pursuing their dream.
  • How to give up “control” and trust God or Spirit.
  • What God-Sized dreams must (and must not) be.
  • Her biggest “leap of Faith” to date (if you’re in South Africa, pay attention to this!)
  • Why it’s important to determine your core values, even if you work for a corporation.

Dawn remains that joy is a choice, no matter what circumstance you’re in. She believes that people have extraordinary dreams everyday, and it’s YOUR time to shine. As a special thank you to all listeners, Dawn provided a promotional code for her upcoming retreat. Simply type LEAPER18 here to save!

Also, be sure to share your insight from Dawn’s Top 5 Passions Test on the Aligned FB entrepreneurs page.

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