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The truth is, when someone is in a transformation, you are interacting with the highest version of themselves.

However, they can’t see themselves in that way, so their ego may lash out. It can be in resistance, even if their soul is in transformation.

To be a really powerful coach, you have to be able to hold space for your client’s truth. While that space leads to transformation and personal growth, sometimes it isn’t what your client (or your client’s ego) wants to hear.

Today we’re talking about why a powerful retreat leader is not always liked. What happens when your client resists the change they’ve committed to when it comes time to take action? How do you handle these resistances when you’re leading a live retreat? What boundaries do you need to set so you don’t become a space for abuse or mistreatment?  

In this episode, we’ll dig into the answers to those questions and more.

Key Takeaways:

  • What it looks like when a client is stepping into a new energy and fighting with their ego
  • How to handle these situations at live retreats
  • Keeping your calm while your client experiences this struggle  
  • My definition of ‘powerful’
  • How to challenge egos without being confrontational
  • Creating healthy boundaries with clients both at a retreat and at home
  • 3 of my 10 Principles of Healthy Compassion
  • I also touch on the 7 Levels of Energy, which you can find in Episode 4 

The bottom line is, when you are taking a powerful stand for someone’s higher version of themselves, they might not like it in the moment. In fact, they’re likely to put up a fight. But if you know this, you can hold a zen, loving, and compassionate space for them.

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