I see a lot of people talking about consistency as a tool for success.

Whether it’s developing your branding, sending out a newsletter, or sharing your “Big Why”, we’re told that showing up in the same way, as frequently as possible, is key to a lucrative business. (I’ve been a believer of this too!)

After all, the big brands didn’t get to where they are today without sticking to their message, right?

Today I want to explore a different perspective with you. To think about the ways this “consistency” dogma can actually hold you back in business, and in life.


Right from the start, my business has been about truth. And here’s the thing: when we do the work, and follow truthfully what we’re called to do by Spirit, we quickly discover something.

We change.

We make mistakes. We learn. Day by day, choice by choice, we build the muscle of following our intuition and trusting what we’re guided to do in each moment.

Trying not to change is what keeps us stagnant and stuck. Sometimes, this is disguised as a desire for “consistency”. But beneath that, it can be our fear based mindset that wants to keep us fixed and constant. After all, what we know is often where we feel safest. It’s familiar to stay in the relationship, the career or the business that we know, even when the reality is it’s slowly stifling us.

I’ve personally been re-evaluating my stance on the whole idea of consistency and here is what’s been most surprising. The more I give up my need to know where, exactly, I’m going, and control the process the simpler, and therefore more resonant, my message gets.

Time and again I see the business owners who get the biggest results have one thing in common. They’re not only prepared to change, they embrace it. They own it. And they’re not afraid to show people that they’re changing – to share with their clients and their community when things are shifting.


For so many of us, choosing to enter this heart-led way of working is a catalyst for huge personal and spiritual growth. Asking for money, sharing our message, being seen and heard – being in business challenges us to notice where our “stuff” is and pay attention to it. (We have no one else to point the finger at, after all.)

In a few days spent on retreat, we can experience huge realizations about the way we’ve been perceiving reality and see clearly what needs to change.

The beautiful thing about running a business based around these transforming experiences is that it allows us to change without having to reinvent every system in our business. It actually requires us to keep growing and learning – knowing that with every lesson we learn, and through every experience of discomfort and release, we’ll have more to share with the clients who are called to work with us.

I know that in the coming months I’m going to continue sharing the deep changes I’m experiencing, with my Tribe and the peers I’ll gather with at Badass Leaders Align and on the retreats I’m hosting later this year. I can trust the process, without the fear that I’ll have to start from scratch at the end of it. In fact, I’m excited to see what opens up – perhaps by this time next year I’ll have a whole new theme for the transformational retreats I’m offering.


The world needs to change if we’re to evolve and grow beyond the conflict and injustice that currently holds us back. That means we need to change too, if we’re to stay open and connected to the Truth that’s coming through to us at the level we want to work at.

Showing up is important, but if you’re getting tangled up in staying “consistent” with a version of you that’s no longer true, I invite you consider. How does your business give you the space to expand and grow? What scope do you have for the transformation you’re experiencing?

Here’s to your ever-evolving truth.


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