Do you ever wonder why clients are really paying you?

If not, it’s a good idea to start wondering! And it just may help you make more money, AND to feel better about the money you’re already making.

There’s a quote I heard a long time ago that I have found to be SO TRUE both in the way I decide what to spend money on, and the way I see my clients make decisions about buying from me. “People buy for their reasons, not for your reasons.”

If you think about it, it’s completely true.

Case in Point #1

When I invested in my first coach, I remember that I was pretty damn nervous, and pretty certain that the offer that was made was for someone else, not for me. I didn’t have that kind of money to invest after all! I thought about it for a bit (until the last possible minute if I’m honest), and then I said yes. And the main reason I said yes, beyond all the value and education I knew I needed, was that I had an intuitive sense that I would meet people through that decision that would change my life. And, you know what? I did! Two people have been instrumental to major points in my life, and this would not be had I not said yes!

Case in Point #2

One of my favorite moments in business was at a retreat I was hosting. I’d just made an offer for people to make a decision about working with me to continue the business transformation started at the retreat. I’d made a compelling offer in my opinion and I was excited for all the knowledge I could impart, and the space I would hold for people. One attendee walked up to me and told me she planned to work with me. She said, “You’re little and cute, and I’m little and cute, and so if you can do it I can do it, and that is why I’m saying yes!”

I trust you’re getting the picture here that if you leave it to yourself to decide what’s so valuable about you, you just may sell yourself short!

To sum up the point, I want share the chart below. I do an exercise like this often in my retreats, and this chart was from a mastermind of colleagues where I taught about value, pricing, and offerings.

This is a list of what the people in the room actually value. You’ll note that it is A LOT more than just money. And you’ll note that the work you do with clients likely addresses MANY of these! This is great news, right?

Yet, if you’re like most people, you can’t see the your own value through your filters of reasons why you’re not enough.


This is exactly why I developed my Pulse retreat – to help you get a pulse on what makes YOU uniquely you, and therefore, uniquely valuable.

If you over give and run yourself in circles as a result of not fully seeing your value, then The Pulse is for you!

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More to come on recapping your unique value… but if its for you, don’t wait to register. This retreat will fill quickly.



P.S. I have watched countless clients do the work of this retreat and move from $2000/ month to $10,000 and $20,000 months and more. And there is absolutely no reason that wouldn’t also apply to you!

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