Would you pay to do nothing?

There’s a Zen proverb which goes, “Don’t just do something, sit there.”

It’s a tongue-in-cheek reminder that in a world where we spend a lot of our time filling our days with activities, choosing to simply sit and be still is a radical choice.

It’s often easier to “just do something” than to be with ourselves and really be present to whatever’s coming up within us.

Understanding the power of choosing to do less has been a huge part of my own personal growth in recent times. In fact, it formed the foundation of the “Lazy Bee” retreat, which was inspired by a specific kind of bee revered by the ancient Mayans.

I first discovered the bee while visiting a sacred site in Mexico, close to Tulum, which is now one of the two places I host this retreat (the other is Italy – home of the slow food movement, a culture very appreciative of the power of “laziness”!)

Among other powerful characteristics, the Lazy Bee:

  • Is noble and revered: she is a leader, wayfinder and inspiration to others
  • Nurtures herself and spends time creating the right environment for her to thrive
  • Works just 4 hours a day – the rest of the time is spent tending to her energy and environment
  • Creates a product that is 300x more valuable than the average similar product

After my first trip to Tulum I became committed to this relaxed, peaceful way of being. In fact when I set my overall intention for 2018 the words I chose were “cultivating a Tulum state of mind.”

But when you’re in business, and have ambitious goals to make a great profit and live the life you dream of, connecting to a slow, relaxed, lazy way of being is a BIG challenge.

To Hustle or Not to Hustle?

We’re so often told we need to push, hustle, hurry and act fast – especially when it comes to getting great results or making lots of money.

Our culture values hard work, striving, bigger and more. So naturally, as leaders, we are often willing to make big investments in new strategies, or in ways to grow and expand… quickly!

And yet, when we need to pause, create space, and go within… we do the exact opposite.

We expect ourselves to be able to birth new ways of being all by ourselves. By being “on vacation” or by clearing space in our schedules, without support.

But if you’ve ever cleared a whole day (or week, or month) to write, or work on a project, you’ll know what usually happens.

Suddenly, all kinds of things start to happen.

  • Emergencies blow up out of nowhere requiring your attention.
  • Errands and administrative tasks creep into your days.
  • Procrastination, perfectionism and paralysis steal your time.

Or worse, you start to question your decision to set this time aside. Can you really AFFORD to pause? Maybe you should just move a few projects forward first? Maybe you were wrong to think you could create in this way.

Before you know it, the clear space you created has passed and not much has changed. You are right back in that old way of being.

We need support to stop what we’re doing – so we can start to BE

The truth is, when it’s time for you to pause and go within – when you’re being called to listen closely to your soul – that’s the time when you will get the most value from investing in someone able to hold space for you to do… nothing.

This is the most pivotal time in business, when we are cultivating a whole new energy that will be embedded in everything we do going forward.

Left to our own devices, EVEN WHEN WE ARE ADVANCED TRANSFORMATIONAL LEADERS, we will find sneaky ways for those old belief systems to take hold.

I know from experience. As I’ve been playing with working lighter, and being more and more of the most authentic ME each year, I have come face to face with my default tendency to fill my space with DOING. And as I’ve gone bravely into the space of BEING, with support by my side, I’ve found myself embodying the most nuanced, oh-so-subtle, shifts, that have made a world of difference in my experience, and eventually also my results.

And this required a healthy dose of faith. There’s no magic business strategy when we go here. There’s no quick hit ROI to speak of. And this is what’s interesting. Because there is a HUGE ROI, which often does happen quickly. But by the very nature of ‘doing the work,’ we can’t go into it seeking the ROI. We must go in seeking to our own joy, peace, and happiness, knowing the ROI will follow.

And this is why we need support for the pivot.

We need someone who will help you to let go of the endless tasks your ego will create – so that you can find out what is possible for you on the other side of that discomfort.

(Our egos resist, question and undermine this. They want us to keep moving and hustling and pushing because that’s what our Society that honors the masculine expects.)

“How silly to pay someone to help you do nothing.” says your ego.

“I’ll just take a break from support for awhile while I rest and regroup.”

But our souls whisper something different. If we really want to learn to lead differently in a way that makes the biggest impact, we have to actually live differently.

And for those of us who have been achievers in the traditional sense, this means shaking up the way we operate.  

Getting back to the feminine, honoring our intuition and internal sense of pace, getting quiet and still enough to hear our own soul.

Because this is where the most effective direction will come from. And tuning into that will ultimately save you a LOT of time and energy. It will even make you more money – in the long run.

So our conventional way of thinking which says you only pay someone if you’re actively doing something to get a return is actually irrelevant here.

Think about the First-Class Lounge in an airport: a peaceful, still retreat from the distraction and noise of the crowded terminal.

The principle is the same here: what we value most is space to think, not distraction and noise.

Your clients will pay for “nothing” too

Having guidance and accountability in the times of stillness is the most important investment you can make.

It’s the difference between paying for information and paying for transformation… which is the exact same thing your CLIENTS will ultimately experience far greater impact from – and which will lead to them choosing to invest time and again in the value you provide.

So, if you’re at a threshold or a point of transition, consider whether paying to do nothing might be the most powerful choice you could make. It could signify the start of a whole new way of being.

Want to embrace your inner “Lazy Bee” and buck the convention that says we should ‘hustle’ and ‘push’ for the success you desire? Want to lead differently at the next level of your business?

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