You know your body holds an innate wisdom that will not steer you wrong.

You get this intellectually – it rings true.

You may even have some key experiences in your memory bank that showed you how true it is, such as a distinct intuitive feeling you’ve learned to rely on for decision-making, or an experience of an injury or pain that’s showed up at the perfect time to get your focused attention.

Like the time I sprained my right ankle at the exact time I was contemplating making a decision that would have put me into a project with very masculine energy, and the injury cautioned me against moving forward.

Our body gets our attention with illness and injury that cause us to pause and take note.

But what about the other times… the times when life gets busy and your business is calling you to both work ON it and IN it, balancing client work with strategic and marketing work.

How tuned in to your body are you then?

In working with so many entrepreneurs over the years, I’ve noticed this phenomenon that takes place time and again. As we work to develop the most aligned business and marketing strategy, and to BECOME the person who can deliver it, clients inevitably get a clear taste of how their intuition speaks to them so clearly through their body’s physical sensations.

Even those who have never noticed it before get a clear source of guidance.

And then a week later they have seemingly completely forgotten that this is possible!

And I get it completely because I’ve been there too. In fact, this can still happen in my world at times.

When life gets busy and we forget to make space for us to hear our inner knowing, we can quickly forget that we ever had access to that type of guidance.

It’s always there – we just forget to practice hearing it. (Even advanced yogis and coaches who rely heavily on their intuition in their client work can forget to put this to use for their own benefit).

Yet imagine doing business in a way that you are so tuned in to what your intuition/ spirit is calling you toward each day, that you no longer have to obsess about creating complicated business plans, or trying to predict where you’ll be a year from now.

Imagine having 100% in your ability to hear and follow divine guidance… saving you time and money and making your approach to business so efficient!

Your body’s wisdom is a divine compass to guide your direction and guide us directly to your next breakthrough and quantum leap.

And we require space and presence to be able to hear it.

If you’ve been keeping busy growing your business, and you’re getting a sense that it’s time to make a pivot toward deeper alignment, but it’s not yet become clear, it’s likely that you aren’t consistently giving yourself the space to tune in.

This is a practice that we must implement diligently to reap the rewards of an easeful and graceful business that is guided by your truth.

When my mind and my intellect are running the show, I can complicate the hell out of things. When I’m hearing my innate wisdom, and I’m focused on a clear, breakthrough way of being, my senses come alive. It’s all so much simpler!

How would you like to join me for 5 nights / 4 days in the Italian Riviera for an adventure in the Cinque Terre (five lands) and an adventure in the space it takes to tune in deeply. Develop a new approach to running your business in which you:

  • Work Lightly
  • Work Efficiently
  • Work Abundantly

This will be the focus of our crafted experience together. As we play, enjoy the outdoors, the culture of Italy, and one another, we’ll also be moving your internal conversation forward with elegance and ease.

And let’s not forget the fabulous accommodations and THE FOOD!

All lodging and experiences are included.

We’ll deepen your connection to your body’s wisdom and the way your intuition speaks to you.
We’ll release any blocks to your deepest alignment in your business and life.
We’ll hold the ideal space for your truth to show up and be honored, learning to let it guide you more fully than it already has been.

I know you’re successful. You are a badass business owner. And your next uplevel doesn’t have to up the amount of work you do!

Let’s work like a Lazy Bee together and invite your next quantum leap! CLICK HERE to learn more and apply!


Lazy Bee Bootcamp, Italy Edition: CLICK HERE

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