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In this episode of the Retreat and Grow Rich podcast, I sit down with Hollis Gray: story-teller, healer, Reiki master, author, and founder of the Holistree Collective, a community of brilliant minds coming together for the purpose of raising the vibrations of the world through education, art, and ritual.


Hollis’s passion is creating safe, beautiful spaces for healing and growth for women of color.

There’s always an underlining magic element to my retreats. So it’s usually like diving a little bit deeper in ritual and what that looks like for that culture and then it opens the conversation to, “What does you magic look like?”

In this episode, we chat about:

  • Making the shift away from self-censorship and “appearing to be unafraid”
  • The importance of creating space in our lives for spiritual healing experiences
  • Leaning into the magic of ritual and faith to bring plans into being
  • How Hollis intentionally creates safe retreat environments for women of color that allows them to open up and share their stories
  • The value of an interview and application process in building relationships before your retreat begins
  • How being authentic to who we are helping us become unapologetic about how we live our lives

Holistree’s upcoming “Afro-disiac” retreat in Panama is all about falling in love with Afro-latino roots and culture. (Space is still available!)

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