I was in a training for people who suspected they may be ‘healers.’

I knew I was a ‘healer,’ I’d known it for years. In fact I’d gone from talking about the ‘higher self’ to talking about ‘intuition,’ to talking about Spirit directly (per Parts I and II of this article series). In the process I would tell my clients front and center that they may have thought they hired me for business, but that they had actually hired me to help them heal (release) that which was out of alignment with the Truth of who they are.

I’d long before stopped attracting people who didn’t want that at some level, so the clients who had paid me received this well.

In the safe space of my retreats and my client work, I could freely share who I was and what mattered to me, as a healer.

It was awesome! I could share this and let people know exactly what I believed mattered. Together we would heal what was no longer in alignment for them, and release it, and they would step into the person that allowed them to become.

Their Spirit would expand and in this new energy they would create the most fabulous marketing, teaching content, and more. They would transform their lives! They would heal or leave relationships, improve their environment, build new community, and become healthier.

And their business results would follow.

Yet I still wasn’t talking about this overtly in my marketing.

I spoke about the value of this spiritual work in subtle, supporting points in my marketing. And any live training you would have taken with me would have started with the work of alignment. Nothing I did did not include this.

But I still had the thought, “Who me, a leader of spiritual entrepreneurs? Am I qualified yet?”

Not to mention everything I’d learned about marketing told me to talk about the outcome of the work. And the outcomes were highly practical!

I didn’t really NEED to change how I was marketing.

But something happened.

I kept meeting entrepreneurs, time and again, who were so frustrated and confused because they hadn’t yet cracked the code on their marketing. They were making sales, yes. They had clients, yes. But they didn’t feel quite right about it, and they weren’t charging what they wanted to be charging.

As I learned more about what was going on with so many in my tribe, I was both sad and fired up. So many people were experiencing a lack of alignment in their business because they were in the place where I had been. They were keeping their Spiritual side hidden.

They had bought in to the belief that people wouldn’t pay for the work they really wanted to do. So they started teaching marketing and all the practical stuff that they saw people paying for time and again.

But I knew it wasn’t true. I knew because I’d been doing it. I’d been selling transformational / spiritual work (to business owners who wanted to grow their business) for years and making great money doing it.

I knew it was possible and I knew people wanted to pay for it.

There was just something missing.

So a few years ago I began to teach people to Retreat and Grow Rich. Because the place I was helping people go deeper spiritually was at my live retreats, and I knew others could do this too.

I worked with all kinds of people who wanted to host retreats.

My course was in alignment with the way I was teaching at that time, “woo-practical.” I started with spiritual alignment, and then went on to teach the practical.

I wasn’t totally owning the power of this in the way I was marketing. In fact I was selling ‘six figure weekends.” Yet, my spiritual side snuck through (just like yours probably does too!) And before long I began to notice something.

The bulk of the people who were taking my entry level program, Retreat and Grow Rich, were already spiritual, and had a wealth of background about the world of ‘transformation.’

Even so I didn’t want to leave out the people who wanted to have a purely practical fitness retreat, or help people write their best sellers without going deeper.

Until I did.

I had so much fun working with the people who had a deep spiritual alignment and love of the practical that I began to realize I never wanted to go back.

I got SO PASSIONATE about the missions of my clients, I created a vision for myself of the revolution we were starting.

Retreat and Grow RICH became a movement for the RICH entrepreneurs – Right-brained, intuitive, connected, and heart centered. I came to know that those of us who were advocating for this approach to life (which for me is totally spiritual) were the people who will ultimately chance to world.

Today in the first section of every retreat I lead I make it clear that Spirit is running the show. I can’t remember the last time I attracted a person who didn’t align with this idea.

My marketing includes spiritual references throughout (though still also promises a very tangible result).

And each morning when I do my daily ritual of connecting in with spirit, which I’ve evolved now to speaking with my soul, I deepen my willingness to trust and to follow where I’m called. Daily.

For many years I knew I wanted a daily routine like this was but resisted implementing it, afraid of where it may lead me.

I still wonder each day where this practice will continue to lead me.

Early this year, it led me to a healer training.

This training affirmed the foundational abilities I’d developed to hear and connect with Spirit and get messages from my own physical body and the bodies/ energy fields of others.

I found myself there because Spirit kept reminding me that physical healing was a part of my gifting. It’s no accident that the first personal development training I took for myself was in Reiki. I studied books on the mind-body connection for years before starting my business.

I remained interested in the topic over the years, but put it on the back burner in favor of growing my coaching business.

Through my coaching business I learned I was an empath and physical intuitive (among other forms of intuition). I could literally feel when a client or a retreat participant had a physical symptom, and I could use it to find out more about what they needed to heal emotionally, in their energy field, to heal the physical symptoms, which would heal their business results.

But again I didn’t own it. I knew what I could feel the symptoms, but I didn’t want to believe that I knew what to do with them. In fact, this “gift” was highly inconvenient!

Until I couldn’t stop thinking about the healing I was meant to do. I would cry any time I would talk about my interest in this.

At this point I’d worked with a countless number of clients to develop their intuition, and even psychic abilities. I’d helped other healers own their healing gifts and learn to talk about them. Yet mine remained suppressed.

Through the work of guiding retreat leaders to discover their own form of healing, I knew more more and more that I was healing even deeper, without even trying or talking about it.

Yet aside from a 10-year old Reiki certificate, I was again not qualified to do this work. Though I’d been studying it in practice I my clients for years.

So I enrolled in a retreat for would-be healers. And I began to discover and affirm my gifts (with the support of someone who’d been doing it!)

My favorite quote fits well here:

“A human being cannot accept a part of themselves that they haven’t shared with another human being and had validated rather than violated.”

For many of us healers, intuitives, and spiritual folks, we knew our gifts early on but we forgot them while being raised in a household that didn’t see us or get us. And the process of developing your business (and leading transformational retreats!) is a process of validating your gifts and owning more and more of who you are.

I have the best community of leaders who are deepening their own spirituality as they grow powerful businesses that make space for ALL of who they are.

Today I ONLY work with coaches and mentors who ‘get it,’ spiritually, thereby validating what I know to be valuable. If you resonate with this article series, I recommend that you make that decision too. (I am taking a limited number of clients this fall for the coming months, APPLY HERE).

And if you are someone who combines the spiritual and the practical, bless you! Own it loud and proud my friend, because the more we can invest in people like you, the more emboldened we become in sharing Truth with the world.

For me I am loving my fully integrated spiritual life that gets richer every day. I am continuing to both train myself and download and evolve my own methodologies for physical and energetic healing, to be incorporated into all of my work very soon. I have not yet ‘arrived.’ I am a continual work in progress in my own spiritual alignment. And my work on my faith has allowed me to ‘go there’ and share what I learn. Will you join me?

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